Local Kids Reading and Learning through Sports


Mystery was the name of the game for a group of Cleveland kids on Tuesday! As part of the Cavaliers “Read to Achieve” program, in association with Cedar Point and Castaway Bay, students from the Horizon Afterschool Program at Wilber Wright School were at Cleveland Clinic Courts for a unique “Guess Who” event.

Approximately 40 kindergarten through fifth grade students were led through a guessing game by members of the Cavaliers Girls and Scream Team. After being broken up into groups, the kids were given clues to help them identify well-known public figures. The kids were tasked with figuring out facts about famous people in a variety of fields, from singers and actors to athletes and historical figures.

Tuesday’s activities tied into the recent Read to Achieve monthly genre focuses: mystery and biography. The Wilbur Wright kids, as well as all students participating in Read to Achieve across Northeast Ohio, had been encouraged to read the two different types of books and to do related activities

After their fun and educational afternoon at CCC on Tuesday, the Wilbur Wright students all went home with a cool Cavs Pack.

Read to Achieve
In association with Cedar Point and Castaway Bay
Read to Achieve is a year-round campaign designed to help young people develop a life-long love for reading and encourage adults to read regularly with children. The program reaches thousands of elementary and middle school students in Northeast Ohio through reading challenges, reading time-outs, donations and the construction of Reading & Learning Centers.