Sixth Graders Learn Healthy Lesson at Cleveland Clinic Courts

As any basketball player or athlete in general can attest, staying hydrated is key for peak performance. Watch any sporting event and you’ll see the participants grabbing a water bottle during a break in play. Hydration was this month’s theme for the “Fit as a Pro” program, presented by Medical Mutual and in association with Giant Eagle. Fit as a Pro students in Northeast Ohio have been learning the importance of staying well hydrated, and on Wednesday a group of local kids got an up-close-and-personal lesson.

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The sixth grade class of Westside Community School of the Arts in Cleveland spent their afternoon at Cleveland Clinic Courts, where they were joined by Cavs in-arena host, Ahmaad, and members of the Scream Team and Cavalier Girls.

Ahmaad and the entertainers spoke to the students about the need for staying hydrated, especially when dancing and performing. They stressed the need for making sure their bodies always have enough fluids; and also talked about other ways to get fluids, like eating fruit.

The kids then broke up into groups and spent time at hydration stations, where they worked on stretching, movement and endurance. The Scream Team and Cavalier Girls worked with the kids on various physical activities at the stations, from yoga to dancing to squats.

The afternoon finished up with a fun performance by the entertainers and all the kids left with cool Cavs swag bags.

Presented by Medical Mutual and in association with Giant Eagle
Fit As A Pro is year-round campaign designed to encourage physical fitness and well-balanced nutrition among elementary and middle school students in Northeast Ohio. The program reaches thousands of students in Northeast Ohio through fitness challenges, nutrition education and information on how to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.