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Bedford Students Practice Sportsmanship

February 11, 2020

There is more to being “Fit as a Pro” than just merely staying physically fit. There are many other components to a healthy lifestyle, which local students participating in the Cavs Fit as a Pro program, presented by Medical Mutual and in association with Giant Eagle, learn throughout the school year. In February, classrooms across Northeast Ohio learned one of those elements: sportsmanship.

On Tuesday, the fifth grade class at Carylwood Intermediate School in Bedford had the opportunity to practice good sportsmanship and see firsthand the important role it can play both on and off the court. The students were visited at their school by Cavs in-arena host Ahmaad and members of the PowerHouse dance team.

After discussing what sportsmanship means and examples of it in real life, the fifth graders participated in multiple activities that gave them the chance to display good sportsmanship. There was a jumping jacks competition, a fierce rock, paper, scissors contest, and an agility ladder faceoff, all of which saw the kids cheering on and encouraging their classmates. Supporting each other during each activity provided good opportunities for the kids to demonstrate their sportsmanship and to see the impact it could have on others.

Presented by Medical Mutual
In association with Giant Eagle
Fit As A Pro is year-round campaign designed to encourage physical fitness and well-balanced nutrition among elementary and middle school students in Northeast Ohio. The program reaches thousands of students in Northeast Ohio through fitness activities, nutrition education and information on how to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.


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