The Colors

Vibrant orange and blue are a nod to the uniform the Cavaliers wore in 1994 during their first season in the new arena when they returned home to downtown Cleveland, which spurred a new era of development and renaissance for the City.

The Script

Teaming up with Destination Cleveland, the Cavaliers will proudly display the organization’s iconic Cleveland script wordmark across their chest. The unique partnership champions the vibrant city the Cavs are proud to represent on the court, in the community, across the country and to the world.

The Wave Pattern

The wave pattern splitting the orange and blue across the chest represents Lake Erie and the power and energy generated from this body of water that defines the shoreline of the City of Cleveland. A force of nature, The Great Lake Erie symbolizes the perseverance and fortitude of a community of people who stand strong together and proudly call themselves “Clevelanders.”

The Shorts

The Cavaliers “C” logo, in white and outlined in blue and orange to create a three-dimensional appearance, is prominently featured on the right leg of the short. An outline of the wave on the left leg of the short provides another splash of color separation between the blue and orange colors.

Nike + Goodyear

Framing the Cleveland script wordmark that slants upward across the chest, the famous Nike Swoosh logo is positioned on the upper right chest and the iconic Goodyear Wingfoots logo on the upper left.

The Scoop Neck

The neckline is a traditional scoop neck which differs from the modern V-neck on the Association, Icon and Statement uniforms.

The Championship Patch

The back of the jersey features a small square patch on the back-center collar that displays the number “1” positioned inside of the Larry O’Brien trophy to represent the Cavaliers NBA Championship in 2016.

The Jock Tag

The jock tag on the lower left of the jersey reads “1 OUT OF 5 GREATS,” in reference that Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes.

The Waistband Patch

The shorts feature the letters CLE at the center of the waistband, the popular abbreviation taken from the Cleveland script wordmark.

The Ventilation Flap

Under the short ventilation flap of the right leg is an icon of the Great Lakes.

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