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Fred McLeod will join the Cavs as Television Play-by-Play Announcer for the 2006-07 season. McLeod, who handled the Cavs' play-by-play duties for the 1979-80 season, has been the voice of the Pistons on cable television for two decades. McLeod is a native of Strongsville, OH.

Evan (District of Columbia): Mr. McLeod,
Welcome back home. What style of play-by-play are you going to do for our Cavaliers this year? I wish you luck and I look forward to watching your telecast this year!!


Fred McLeod: I would describe my style as high-energy like I was in your family room with you watching the Cavs with you and your buddies.

(Cleveland, OH): Hey Fred, Welcome to the team! After the Cavs awesome run last season in the playoffs, did you see things in the team that surprised you, or makes you have an idea how they could do this season?

Fred McLeod: I think last year's team jumped ahead of the normal NBA dues-paying schedule and now I think this team thinks it is good enough to get to the NBA Finals.

John (Detroit, MI): Fred, we'll miss you here in the Motor City. I loved your play-by-play calls for the Pistons, and I'm sure the Cavaliers fans will as well.

Fred McLeod: While I will miss my association with the Pistons and fans like yourself, I relish the chance to come home and be a part of something very special. Cavs fans are just as passionate about their team. I know because I grew up being one.

Andrew (Euclid, OH): I see you are a native of Strongsville.
How much of an influence was Joe Tait on your career?

Fred McLeod: More than you know. Joe didn't know it, but I was watching his every move and as a young play-by-play broadcaster, he was the perfect role model.

Julie (Bedford, OH): Will it be hard to adjust to doing a full season as the television announcer as opposed to doing around 40 or so games?

Fred McLeod: That is one of the big reasons why I am here. Play-by-play is in my blood and I would rather call a game than sit in the stands and watch it, with all due respect.

Joe (Lakewood, OH): Hi Fred,

Growing up in Cleveland, what were some of the most memorable sports moments and who did you look up to as sports heroes during your youth?

Fred McLeod: I cried when the Indians traded Rocky Colavito to Detroit. He still may top my list as a sports hero. But I remember listening to the Browns win the '64 Championship on the radio because the game was not televised. And the Miracle of Richfield still seems like it was yesterday.

Andrew (Euclid, OH): Do you have any "canned calls" in mind for a LeBron James slam?

Fred McLeod: We'll have to wait and see. He is a highlight maker for sure. But with my calls I react on the spot. But he is a play-by-play announcer's dream!

Mike (Mentor, OH): Being from Detroit, how do you think the new Cavs front line - especially with the addition of Scot Pollard - will match up against the Pistons front line, especially Rasheed Wallace? Also, do you feel that Drew Gooden is one of the better match-ups against Rasheed as far as power forwards go?

Fred McLeod: I have to be careful not to give the Pistons any motivation. LOL! Scot Pollard will bring toughness and depth. Drew's activity has always been an issue for the Pistons. And don't forget about Andy, the headaches he created in the 7-game series.

Hollidaysburg, PA: Welcome, Fred: Although you were "here" in the early days, how much different, if any, will it be for you with a superstar on the team? Thanks, Good Luck and GO CAVS!!!!

Fred McLeod: Hey, I always thought Campy was a superstar... This team is clearly being built around LeBron to win championships. I just want to ride the wave.

Tom (Richfield, OH): Hey Fred,

Welcome: What was it like working with Nate Thurmond and what do you feel he brought to the Cavaliers' teams during the Miracle years?

Fred McLeod: You have a good memory. Nate was the ultimate warrior which is why his number is retired. He helped change the culture of an early expansion team into one that knew it suddenly could win.

Zach (Milan): Hello, welcome back to a better state, and better basketball team!!! Having only known Michael Reghi, do you know how your style compares to his? Can't wait for the season to start. GO CAVS!!!

Fred McLeod: Michael has been a friend of mine and we have had mutual respect for years. Even did Arena Football together. I would say our styles are very similar, that we are professionals, and passionate about what we do.

Eugño Luis (Manila): Honestly, what are your first impressions when you learned that you will join the Cavs as Television Play-by-Play Announcer?

God Bless!

Fred McLeod: Still pinching myself because for my entire broadcasting career I've had to share my play-by-play focus with sports anchoring. Now I get to do what I love to do the most and live it 24/7.

Chad from Barberton: How come your old television bio said you were raised in Pittsburgh?

Fred McLeod: I left Strongsville 2nd year in high school and then attended high school and college in Pittsburgh. That's also where I began my broadcast career.

Jeff (Akron): Would you say the Cavaliers have a chance to win it all this year?

Fred McLeod: I really believe this is the most wide-open the East has been since I can remember. The Cavs are one of 6 or 7 teams that truly believe they can win the East. Get ready for a wild demolition derby.

Thanks everyone for your interest in Cavs basketball. I can't wait until you have The Q rocking like you did in Game 6.


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