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Prior to joining the Cavaliers, Lance Blanks served as the director of scouting for the San Antonio Spurs. He joined the Spurs in 2000 as a scout and was promoted to director of scouting in September of 2002. Also while in San Antonio, Blanks served as the Spurs television analyst during the 2004-05 season.

Quentin (Cleveland): I've been wanting to ask you and Danny Ferry this question ever since you guys got here. (This is not my personal opinion.) What would you tell your critics that are saying 'Why did you leave a championship team for a team that didn't even make to the playoffs last season?'

Lance Blanks: Personally, I welcomed the opportunity of the challenge to be a part of something new and different in an effort to help bring some success here.

Ed (Cleveland): What's different about your role with Cleveland vs. San Antonio?

Lance Blanks: Here, the infrastructure is being built while it was already established there. The organization is younger here as far as how long the group has been in place. In San Antonio, my scope was more narrow since the staff was pretty established. My latter part of my tenure in San Antonio was more focused on pro-personnel where as when I first got there I was doing more draft work and college scouting In Cleveland, I'll be involved in all acquisitions.

Matt (West Palm Beach): Lance,
I went to high school and played ball with Tom Penders, Jr., who I believe was on the Texas squad with you for a year or two. You all had a real nice team and made a run to the Final Four, if I'm not mistaken. Your team had a nickname and for the life of me I can't remember it. What was the nickname and how did you like playing for Tom Penders at UT?

Lance Blanks: I did not play with Tom Penders Jr. since I was a little older. Thanks for the kind words. We did make it to the elite eight and our nickname was BMW which stood for Blanks, Mays, and Wright. I loved playing for coach Penders. He was very good for me as a coach and did an excellent job with the program.

Milan,Ohio: I was just wondering in your opinion who you would rather have as a starting PG: Eric Snow as a proven PG with great defense and a good assist/turnover ratio or Damon Jones who is a great 3-point shooter who also has a good assist/turnover ratio?

Lance Blanks: Both guys are proven to be excellent point guards. Eric has led a team to a Finals appearance and is an extremely tough defensive guard. On the other hand, Damon is one of the best shooting point guards in the league. With the combination of the two, I don't think it matters. They complement each other very well and with the combination of the two, either way, we will be fine.

MG (No.Canton): Do you, Mike Brown, and Danny Ferry all have the same barber?

Lance Blanks: MG, that is real funny!

JC (China): Hi there Lance,

I am a Cleveland native (die hard fan) living in China. There are many young basketball players with talent here however they don't seem to have the right coaching to mold them into that next level. As a former scout, you probably travel the world to scour talents. What is your personal experience with the players in China? and how do you think this pool of talent here will benefit the Cavs in the future? Good luck on the season!

Lance Blanks: I think China is somewhat of the new frontier of basketball because there is so many people in that region of the world and the NBA has taken notice. We have more scouting there and Basketball without Borders has a camp there. China, as it opens up to the west, will become a frequent stop for many teams to scour talent. Whether it will benefit the Cavs, it all depends on the timing and opportunity.

romancendastone (Cleveland): Hi and welcome!

How is the atmosphere there? Is everyone (including the players, coaches, and front office) positive and excited about the season? What do you think is your greatest challenge with this team?

Lance Blanks: Extremely excited and looking forward to the opportunity, both the players, coaching staff, and front office. We certainly came in on the fly. I think the greatest challenge will be not getting too far ahead of ourselves. Taking it one brick at a time and trying to build with a solid foundation.

Matt (West Palm Beach): Lance,
do you have any advice for a guy like me, who would love to work in an NBA front office and played college ball, but not at the D1 level and doesn't have any real NBA contacts??

Lance Blanks: The advice I have is quite simple. First off, for many people around the country, it is a dream to work in the NBA. I would encourage you to watch as many games, use the Internet to learn and grow to keep up with the game not only in the U.S., but the world. Stay persistent, write letters and let others you know what you want to do. Then you will have a better chance to break into the business. Most importantly stay persistent.

Matt (West Palm Beach): Lance,
you and Chris Grant were hired as Assistant GM's under Danny Ferry. Did you know Chris before coming to Cleveland and how do your roles differ and how are they the same?

Lance Blanks: Yes, I did know Chris before I got here. He did a really good job in Atlanta and had a lot of responsibilities. We will both be heavily involved with player acquisitions. Internally, there will be areas where our responsibilities overlap. However, there will be other specialized areas that each of us head up ourselves. I'm very excited about the direction of the organization. We feel we had a good start with free agency this summer. On a personal level, I am appreciative of the support from all of the Cleveland fans out there. Thanks for tuning in today and cheer loud for the Cavaliers this season!