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Bulls Kid Nation presented by BMO is the one-stop shop for kids and families to stay connected to the Chicago Bulls. From Youth Hoops virtual programming, to our Kids Club and virtual Bulls Kid Nation Zone inside the Bulls App, Bulls Kid Nation has you covered. Stay connected by signing up for the Bulls Kid Nation newsletter below. We'll email you about exclusive virtual events and experiences, family promotions, and more.

Join Bulls Kid Nation and BMO Harris Bank for our virtual programs. Follow along with special basketball drills and activities to take your game and performance to the next level.

All new programming includes 30-day virtual skills training, private virtual 1:1 training sessions and more Youth Hoops x Bulls entertainment collaborations. Check out everything these programs have to offer below, and don’t miss out on improving your basketball skills and showing off your dance moves.

30-Day Virtual Skills Training presented by BMO

This free, on-demand youth basketball program keeps kids ages 5-14 active and healthy at home all while improving their basketball skills.

Coach Kyle teaching basketball

Virtual Private Training presented by BMO

Work one-on-one with a Youth Hoops coach and receive real-time training from home in a private 30-minute live session. Sessions available for 8-14 year olds.

NEW Youth Hoops x Chicago Luvabulls Collaboration

Join Devon Dotson, Coach Kyle, Bulls Kid Nate, and Chicago Luvabull, Emily, in this workout to improve your basketball and dancing skills from your own home!

Youth Hoops x Chicago Luvabulls Collaboration

Improve your skills through this basketball workout with Youth Hoops’ Coach Kyle. After you enhance your game, join Chicago Luvabull, Colleen, as she teaches a new dance for you to show off!

Youth Hoops x Chicago Luvabulls Collaboration

Chicago Luvabull, Olivia, will lead you through the counts step-by-step bringing out your inner warrior as you learn this fun, interactive dance. After you have the dance moves down continue to move your feet through the basketball drills and challenge yourself to improve your game.

Play with the Pros

Follow along with Bulls Guards, Shaq Harrison and Ryan Arcidiacono, as they teach the fundamentals of basketball with Coach Kyle. Take each drill step-by-step and improve your skills.

5...6...7...8... Let’s Dance!

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to move. Chicago Luvabull, Julia, is teaching the steps to our classic song, “Only the Bulls.” After you master the dance, catch Bulls Kid Nation teach you the proper shooting technique and lockdown defense.

Want more tips? Follow Youth Hoops coach Kyle’s step-by-step tutorials below. We want you prepared to take the court when the time comes.

Ball Handling

Figure 8 Drill

Coach Kyle shows how to do the Figure 8 Drill to help with your ball handling skills

Drop Step Wrap

Coach Kyle introduces the Drop Step Wrap to help enhance your ball handling and awareness

Drop and Clap

Coach Kyle shows the Drop and Clap drill to help you work on your reflexes

Body Wraps

Coach Kyle explains how body wrap drills can help with your ball handling skills

Leg Circles

Coach Kyle shows you how to do leg circle drills to work on your hand speed for ball handling

Drop and Switch

Coach Kyle shows you this great technique to work on your reflexes.

Pound Dribble

Coach Kyle shows dribble techniques to work on your ball-handling skills


Coach Kyle demonstrates this ball-handling technique to work on your handles

Between The Legs

Coach Kyle shows you how to dribble between the legs to enhance your ball-handling skills

Combo Move: Crossover + Between

Coach Kyle puts the crossover and between the legs together in one combo move to strengthen your handles

Ankle Dribbles

Coach Kyle demonstrates low ankle dribbles to keep a strong handle on the basketball

Sit Down Dribbles

Coach Kyle shows you a great sit down dribble drill to work on your ball-handling skills

Dribble Sit-ups

Coach Kyle shows you how to do sit-ups while dribbling to work on your ball handling skills.

Spider Dribble Challenge

Coach Kyle shows how to perfect the spider dribble to work on your handles, hand-eye coordination, and balance.

In-Out Crossover

Coach Kyle shows you how can use the In-Out Crossover to shake off those defenders in game situations

Triple Cross

Coach Kyle demonstrates the Triple Cross drill that works on crossover, between the legs and behind-the-back.

2-Ball Crossover

Coach Kyle shows how to use the 2-ball crossover to skill up on your handles

Crossover with Tennis Ball Toss

Coach Kyle shows you a fun drill to work on your hand-eye coordination along with your basketball handles.


Defensive Workout

Coack Kyle is back with some great drills to work on your defensive game.

Indoor Workout

Coach Kyle shows an indoor workout you can do in your room to keep your skills strong while at home.

Combo Moves Workout

Coach Kyle demonstrates five combo moves you can practice at home to work on your skillset.

Combo Workout

Coach Kyle demonstrates the Combo Workout to work on your all-around game

Indoor Ball Handling Workout

Coach Kyle teaches about Indoor Ball Handling workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home

No Basket Shooting Workout

Coach Kyle shows a workout that you can do without a basket to shoot at

2-Ball Workout

Coach Kyle presents the 2-Ball workout to work on your ball handling skills

Crossover Progression Workout

Coach Kyle shows five different moves to help with your crossover and ball handling.


No Basket Shooting

Coach Kyle demonstrates how to execute proper shooting form, even when you don't have a basket.


Defensive Stance

Coach Kyle shows a good defensive stance to work on at home


Coach Kyle shows you a good way to work on your footwork and agility

Slide to Closeout

Coach Kyle demonstrates the Slide to Closeout drill to work on your defensive footwork and stance


Line Jumps

Coach Kyle demonstrates a jumping technique that can work on your footwork and agility


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