Season Ticket Holder Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the Bulls front office with questions at 312.455.4000

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Q: How can I obtain tickets for other United Center events?
A: Tickets for other United Center events are available through the United Center box office, Ticketmaster outlets,, or by calling 312.559.1212. For information about other events, visit

Q: How do I change the name or address on my account?
A: To protect Season Ticket Holders from fraud, all requests for changes must be made in writing. The request must include your name, the current and new addresses, and your signature. If the tickets are under a business address, the request must be sent on company letterhead. Season tickets are not transferable to another individual (other than spouse or children) or to another company. All requests for changes should be mailed to: Chicago Bulls, 1901 W. Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60612, Attn: Ticket Department. Season tickets are a revocable license and are offered on a one-year basis. The Bulls reserve the right to approve all requests for name or address changes.

Q: Why are playoff tickets lettered “Home Game A” through “Home Game D” in each round?
A: There are four playoff rounds, all of which are the best of seven games. If the Bulls have home court advantage and every series goes the distance, the Bulls could play four home games in the First Round, four home games in the Second Round, four home games in the Conference Finals, and four home games in the NBA Finals for a total of sixteen home games. Because game dates, times, and opponents are not determined by the NBA until after the regular season ends, digital Playoff tickets must be lettered Home Game A through Home Game D in each of the four possible rounds until the schedule is announced.

Q: Can I sell my tickets to other fans at or above face value?
A: Season Ticket Holders can sell their tickets through and the Marketplace. Marketplace offers Season Ticket Holders and fans an official and secure forum for selling and buying tickets online, and gives Season Ticket Holders a stake in the thriving secondary market. Simply visit and log-in using your personal account ID and password, then click on Marketplace. From there, simply follow the instructions. If your tickets are sold, you chose how you would like to receive the money:

"Crediting my Bank Account" — Your money will be applied to the bank account of your choice approximately 3-4 weeks after your tickets are sold.

"Credit my Chicago Bulls Account" — Your money will be applied toward your Chicago Bulls Season Ticket Account as a deposit toward your playoff tickets (should the Bulls qualify), or your season tickets for the following year.

Q: What does the digital Season Ticket Holder VIP Card provide?
A: The digital VIP Card is only given to Season Ticket Holders and it provides a 10% discount on regular priced merchandise in The Bull Market, the team store in the United Center. A discount is also available at select Levy Restaurants (as shown on the digital VIP card).

Q: How can I request a seat upgrade?
A: Seat upgrade questionnaires are emailed to all Season Ticket Holders in March. Your preferences become a permanent part of your account record, and that information is used when the upgrade process begins after the season ticket renewals are completed.

Q: How are seat upgrades processed?
A: Seat improvements are processed once annually and begin immediately after season ticket renewals are completed. Improvements can only be made after we know what seats become available. Season Ticket Holders who have requested improvement are gradually moved lower and/or more center in a “domino” process. Although we try to accommodate as many requests as possible, seat improvements are sometimes difficult to make. For example, if the renewal rate is close to 100%, improvements are rarely possible. Likewise, if a Season Ticket Holder already has very good seats, improvements are difficult to make because cancellations rarely come from the very best seats. However, every request for improvement is taken very seriously, and every effort is made to improve as many seats as possible before any new season tickets are sold.

Q: What is ClickTix?
A: Located at, ClickTix is your one-stop site for online account management. You can forward your season tickets for free by email, make payments, sell your tickets, track ticket usage, renew your tickets and update portions of your account profile. With ticket forwarding, you can email your tickets up to one hour before game time.

Q: How do I obtain my ClickTix account ID and password?
A: Your account ID is located in the upper right corner of your season ticket invoice, and is often included on other types of correspondence. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to establish your own password. You can also obtain your account ID and password by calling 312.455.4000 and asking for a Ticket Executive.

Q: How do I email my tickets (ticket forwarding)?
A: Emailing your tickets is very easy. First visit and scroll down the right hand side until you see ClickTix/Bulls Ticket Assistant for Season Ticket Holders. Click on that link and use your account ID and password to sign in to your profile. After you agree to the terms, you will see a screen and a box that says “Manage Your Tickets.” Click on the link that says “Get Started,” and you will see a new screen featuring your seats for every game. To email tickets, just click the appropriate boxes and enter the email address of your recipient. Once your tickets are forwarded, the bar codes on the original tickets become void.

Q: What is the deadline for ticket forwarding through ClickTix?
A: The deadline to forward your tickets for a game is one hour before tip-off on the day of the game.

Q: Can I get a refund or exchange for my tickets?
A: The Chicago Bulls do not allow refunds or exchanges. However, your tickets can be re-sold at face value or above through Another popular option for Season Ticket Holders is to donate tickets to the Chicago Bulls Charities Return Ticket Program which allows tickets to be donated to schools and local non-profit organizations. Tickets must be donated to the Community Relations department at least 48 hours before the game. If you have any questions, please call 312.455.4000 or email

Q: How can I purchase tickets to Bulls road games?
A: You may purchase tickets to Bulls’ away games by calling the home team’s box office, visiting this link at, by visiting the home team’s website via or by calling 1.800.4NBA.TIX (1.800.462.2849).

Q: How can I obtain a premium item that was given away at the gates?
A: At the end of each season a mailing of premium items is sent to all Season Ticket Holders. Although quantities are limited, almost all premium items are included in the mailing, along with a copy of the official team yearbook.

Q: Where is the box office located and what are the hours?
A: The United Center box office is open during the season Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. and through halftime on game days. The box office and ticket will call windows are located at Gate 4 on the building's east side near the Michael Jordan statue. Will call windows open 90 minutes prior to game time. A photo ID is required to pick up tickets.

Q: What is mybulls?
A: mybulls is the official free e-newsletter of the Chicago Bulls. It provides Bulls fans with press releases, informative game notes, inside stories about the team, exclusive Q & As with players and coaches, special ticket offers, exciting community and charity events and much more. Click here to subscribe.

Q: How can I contact the Ticket Department?
A: You may call 312.455.4000 and ask for a Ticket Executive. Or, if more convenient, email the Bulls at, or write to Chicago Bulls Ticket Department, 1901 W. Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60612.