Your Guide To ClickTix Mobile And Digital Tickets

After leading the NBA in attendance for eight consecutive seasons, there’s no doubt we have the league’s best fans!

We’re always looking for ways to improve your game-day experience. That’s why we’re excited to provide free, all-digital and convenient access to your tickets through ClickTix Mobile and Digital ticketing allows you to enjoy many benefits including:

  1. 1. Convenient online ticket management to print, forward and sell your tickets.
  2. 2. Improved control and distribution when sharing tickets.
  3. 3. Reduced risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit or forgotten tickets.
  4. 4. Quick and easy mobile entry into the United Center using a smart phone.
  5. 5. With the reduction of paper, greater environmental friendliness.


  • For the fastest mobile entry using a smart phone, after accessing your tickets on the Chicago Bulls Mobile App or, select "Add to Passbook" prior to arriving at the United Center. This bypasses the need for Wi-Fi or cellular data at the gates. And have your smart phone tickets open and ready for scanning while in line.
  • Any tickets in the form of a .pdf cannot be scanned on your smart phone at the gates—any tickets in a .pdf must be printed on paper in advance for entry.
  • If entering with guests using a smart phone, choose "select all" when viewing your tickets and swipe to navigate between them.
  • If you print out more than one copy of the same ticket, you must use the most recent ticket printed since the bar code changes and previous copies will become void. (To avoid any issues, please allow enough time for the ticket to fully download, rather than hitting the print button multiple times.)
  • Due to the location of United Center parking lots, after 6:30 p.m. Gates 6 and 7 usually offer the quickest entry.

ClickTix supports Internet Explorer 8, Safari, and Firefox 3.5 and above on the Windows XP Operating System. Download the latest versions to make sure ClickTix operates properly, as you may experience functionality disruptions when using other browser/operating system combinations.

Entering the United Center: Mobile Phone

On game night your smart phone can be your ticket into the United Center. Prior to arriving at the game, on the Bulls Mobile App, log-in to ClickTix or go online to and:

Step 1:

Select your game.

Step 2:

Tap the arrow next to "select an action." Choose "View Your Tickets" from the menu.

Step 3:

Tap your ticket(s). Then scroll down and tap "View Your Tickets."

Step 4:

Present your smart phone to the Guest Service Representative and have the bar code scanned. If you have guests and have placed multiple tickets on your smart phone, simply swipe to navigate between them.

Step 5:

After the bar codes are scanned, you will receive a seat locator stub for each scanned ticket to help you and arena staff locate your seats.

Entering the United Center: Print at Home

If smart phone entry is not an option, you can also print your tickets in advance directly from ClickTix to any printer. However, please note that printers will not be available at the United Center’s gates.

For more information about digital ticketing, please call a Ticket Executive at 312-455-4000.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best ticketing experience possible. Thank you again for being a very important member of our team, and for being the NBA’s best “Sixth Man.” We look forward to seeing you soon at the United Center.