So you want Benny at your event?

So, you want to add a lot of excitement and a little unpredictability to your event... Perfect.

The Benny™ Experience is uniquely different for every company, organization and individual that invites the mischievous red bull to their event. Often times Benny can be seen doing flips off school desks in the morning, delivering lunch to an office at noon and then throwing on his best tux for the gala that night.

Benny carries the recognition and brand respect of the six-time world champion Chicago Bulls wherever he goes. From the moment his giant, tricked out Benny's Bull Ride rolls up to your event, you know that you're in for a first class experience.

What sorts of events does Benny usually go to?

Here's a sample: Grand openings, special deliveries, weddings, engagements, fun runs, special needs events, parades, commercials, playground dedications, birthdays, high school/college basketball games, surprise visits, street festivals.... Getting the picture?


The cost and duration of your very own Benny™ appearance is dependent on the nature of your event, its location and what sort of organization you represent. Just give us a ring and we can help you identify what sort of special event or interesting idea you have. "But we want more!" you exclaim. Ok, ease up on the shouting and check this out. We can package in more Bulls goodies for you! How about adding a few Luvabulls and maybe even Benny's 10-foot inflatable cousin Big Ben. Now it's a party.
Got a weird idea? Let's hear it. That's what we do.
Got a lame idea? That's ok too... we can help.
"But I have so many questions!" you say. Great! We have so many answers we don't know what to do with them all.

The primary contact must be at the event.


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