Jay Williams' Post-Draft Quotes

Bulls guard Jay Williams
"This is a dream come true," Williams said.
Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE/Getty Images

June 26, 2002

  • Williams' Post-Draft Chat Transcript

    Q: Talk about being picked by the Bulls.

    Jay Williams: I just look forward to playing. The whole draft thing has been crazy, finding out where you may go, where you may not go, who’s going to move up in the draft, who’s not, who’s going to come in the draft, who’s not. I’m just really happy right now to get to go to a great city like Chicago. I was born around this area. I’ve always been a city kid. I always played basketball in New York City. Now, I get a chance to go to another city that is really known for basketball. I’m really excited about going there and having some fun.

    Q: You grew up a Knicks fan. What was your feeling toward the Bulls then?

    Williams: Of course, you always wanted the Knicks to win. I always was a Knicks fan. Right now, I’m completing a dream. It is a great city. They have a great staff and they still want to win. So, I’m really happy that I’m going to a team that wants to win.

    Q: What does it feel like being the No. 2 pick and being about 20 minutes away [from home]?

    Williams: To be home … a lot of people had to travel cross-country to come to the draft. For me, it’s a 20-minute ride from my house. This is always where I dreamed of playing, and it’s kind of weird because I’m going to come back here and play against New York. But this is a dream come true. The next dream is to try and become all this other stuff in basketball at the next level, and try to get my team to win.

    Q: What excites you about playing in Chicago?

    Williams: First of all, for them to go through a couple of down years, like there have been, I’ve watched some of their games and they have great fan support. No matter what, they are always behind them. They could lose by 20 and the next time they play they still get the same attendance. Next thing I look at is the players: Tyson [Chandler], Eddy [Curry], Jalen [Rose]. They have a lot of great players and they are young and they are very talented. And they want to win. That’s something I’ve known my whole life, so hopefully, we can get that going.

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