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Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 5.27.2016

I was a little surprised that OKC pounded GS that badly (in games 3 and 4). Series is becoming interesting. What does 73-9 mean without the ring? Let’s ask Harp! Not so surprised that Toronto beat the Cavs (after 10 straight W’s). Every team has a clunker now-and-then. What do you think about Draymond Green kicking Steven Adams? I can see where it was probably unintentional… but Adams says it’s not the first time he’s done it, so I wonder…
Art Alenik

Though it was close, the Thunder departed from their physical play and defensive activity, almost like they couldn’t wait to get back to Oklahoma City. But that’s risky. It probably cost the Knicks the 93 conference finals after they went ahead 2-0 on the Bulls. All they talked about instead of going in to stomp on the Bulls neck was just trying to get one and get one. They got none and the Bulls came back from 0-2 to win four straight. We’ll see who these Thunder players are. Not that we could see it coming during the regular season as they played guys like Kyle Singler all season and now not at all. Plus, we’re seeing some of why Green was a second round pick and that all the gms aren’t idiots. He had this reputation at Michigan State of erratic and out of control emotional behavior that scared off a lot of teams for a 6-6 power forward. Credit to him for turning himself into an elite player and taking advantage of the system to work for his skills. The kick with a follow through seemed intentional as Adams is bothersome and many say employs some cheap shots, sort of like Bogut. I applaud the commissioner for not overreacting and not letting the game be decided by the league office as in David Stern’s worst decision to allow Robert Horry to assault Steve Nash and lure the Suns into fatal suspensions and shift the destiny of a series. Of course, the way Green played in Game 4, the Warriors were the ones appealing to have him suspended.

I saw a report that said Noah has been telling bulls teammates he's done in Chicago?
Mike Sutera

I saw it written the Bulls should trade Butler or Rose. Reluctantly, I agree. Butler would be easier to trade because of his lengthy contract period. Do you agree? Offhand, I would think it would be easier to trade someone with only $21 million guaranteed than someone with $65 guaranteed. Money aside, Rose strikes me as a skillful player but one who would benefit from a change of scenery.
David Thompson

Do you see Butler staying? I'd consider Lavine and 5th pick.....and whatever else it would take. Lavine is not the PG Minny has tried to make him. Yes, I know we'd lose any hope in guarding Lebron by trading Butler but Butler hasn't helped us get by Lebron anyways. Get Lavine, draft Jaylen Brown. Maybe they'll have cap space to get a vet. Can't we dream?
Victor Devaldivielso

I was thinking about the NBA drafts in the past the other day and it occurred to me that despite some weak picks near the top, the 2011 draft was pretty amazing! Kyrie Irving, Valanciunas, Kemba Walker, Brandon Knight, Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, Nikola Vucevic, Butler, Niko, Kenneth Faried, Chandler Parsons, Reggie Jackson and the last pick: Isaiah Thomas, who is really good. Not to mention some rotation guys like the Morris twins, Etwaun Moore, Kyle Singler, Bogdanovic, Shumpert, Alec Burks, Tristan Thomson, and Enis Kanter...I think top to bottom this is one of the best!
Robert Lininger

So, how much credit does Nazr Mohammad get for how well the Thunder are doing?
Justin Patel