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Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 4.8.2016

I love Jimmy Butler so this isn’t a dig at him. As I’ve seen several players, the last half of this season, make post game remarks like Jimmy did after losing to Memphis: “I don’t feel like I did my job on either side of the floor tonight,” Butler conceded. “I didn’t make shots, I didn’t get other guys involved, I didn’t guard anybody. It’s easy to follow suit whenever I don’t do it. I took myself out of the game. I don’t know why. It’s disappointing; I’m disappointed in myself because I know that I’m too good a player for that.” – The players seem to have such precise reflection in all that they weren’t doing out on the floor mere moments ago, are they not able to have those same reflections while still in the game and adjust? What are your thoughts on this as you are front and center listening to their comments post game.
Dawn Parker

My recommendations, disregarding the money factor...Load the out of town bus with all but Felicio, Portis, Mirotic, Mc D. Use another small bus for front office and coaching staff, icons or not. Try to find replacement players that will play team basketball, that do not shy from contact and give their all every game. Find a coach that can utilize his assets instead of sitting on them. The laying down pattern seems to be established, changing coaches did not help. Can only hope the four young guys are not contaminated completely.
Jim Hunter

The 8th seed against Cleaveland would be 4-0 for sure with our team that can´t beat average teams on regular seasons when we need, so now we are going for the lottery. We have Mirotic, Mcbuckets, Portis, Holiday, Gibson and some 1st round picks with this lottery we will get. If we are lucky we could make a big trade holding Rose, Butler and Gasol and make a team to compete for next year if our management don´t try to rebuild. We are not far from the top and if Rose and Butler can´t play together, we could work a trade with Butler, because Rose as injury prone as he is doesn´t have much value, but if healthy have a higher sealing then Butler. I see some good trades for Butler that would work for us. If Rose doesn´t play or get injury we could rebuild once his contract expires.
Alexandre Rayel

Don't you think it is time we commit to Nikola Mirotic fully at power forward. The statistics don't lie that the bulls are 19-10 when Nikola scores over double digits. Also, how much do you think it would cost to retain E'twaun Moore. I also like what we have in Cristiano Felicio. He's a good defender, sneaky athlete, and is going to surprise next year. I'd like to give him a shot at starting next season. I think him and Portis are going to hit the glass hard next season. I think we should draft a Center and a high potential point guard, preferably one over 6 foot tall that can defend. I'd like to go big with our early pick and small in the second round.
Rocky Rosado

This is how I feel even as a Bulls fan: Following Tuesday night's overtime loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Golden State Warriors will have to win out if they want to beat the Chicago Bulls single-season record of 72 wins.

While his team's season is heading down a much different path, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was asked for his thoughts on the Warriors pursuit of NBA history and whether he'd be more concerned with breaking that record as opposed to focusing on the ultimate goal of winning a league title.

"Why do you have to...if you go after one means you give up the other? I don't understand that," said Bryant. "If I'm them, and I got a chance to set a record, I'm trying to set the damn record. I don't care what anyone else says. I don't care how they feel about it. I don't care what they say about it. If you got a chance to do that, go do it. And win a championship."
Rex Doty

Not enjoying this season at all. I wasn't expecting us to conquer the Warriors, but I wasn't expecting us to lay down and get beat down - injuries or not. Though the Bulls had a plodding offense at times during our most recent playoff years, we could always count on our defense. That said, the pundits say we can't keep Pau and Noah. I like Pau's offense, but if you told me I could only keep one, I think I'll roll with Noah. I'm sick of getting punched in the mouth late in games.

Anthony Reed

This team needs an infusion of youth and athleticism and a large dose of lowered expectations from a rebuild.
Sundeep Shah

Bottom Line: Fred is rookie coach trying to install a new system in a team with a historic number of injuries. You can’t judge him by this season. But I also don’t think you reshape the team in his image, stir gently, wait two years for a contender to pop out of the oven. Still hoping for the best, but not necessarily expecting it. If next season is this bad, no more excuses.
Art Alenik