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Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 6.10.2016

Shut off Game 2 at the end of the 3rd. My lord Kyrie/Kevin/JR no showed another game. Barbosa came in and was going in on Kyrie for a few minutes, unbelievable. LBJs biggest mistake was not leaving Miami (well ok it was lol) but demanding Wiggins for Love.
Mike Sutera

What are our chances of resigning Joakim Noah? I know he was not happy coming off the bench last. He’s the heart and soul of this team so he needs to come back. Unless Bulls are willing shell out of lot of money what our chances to bringing him back? If we can’t get Noah back then who can the Bulls really go after for Center?

Tom Choi

There are published rumors to the effect that Noah wants to go to the Timberwolves. True or false? Will the Bulls try to keep him? Also, regardless of whether Noah stays or goes do you think free agent Bismack Biyombo would be a good fit?
David Thompson

I'm watching the finals half heartedly because the Bulls aren't there. My thoughts on improving the roster are as follows: Center is where they have a real problem. I love Noah but in this day can we have him on the floor if he can't score around the basket or from distance. The problem is there aren't many options in free agency. Maybe we go after Horford? He has been hurt also. Gasol was good, but can be a defensive liability so perhaps he's still our best option. Biyombo perhaps? Stay away from Whiteside, I'm not sure he is quite mature.
Stephen Fulton

The Jimmy Butler position issue has me thinking since you and others recommend moving him back to 3. If the Bulls would do this switch it makes them rebuild 2 positions. First, I disagree with the switch regardless of shooting % and working 1-2 with DRose. The NBA 2 guard has changed to a taller leaner player that Jimmy Butler fits very well as long as his 3 point % keeps improving. If Jimmy moves to 3 then who plays 2? Currently Holiday/Snell would be first options. Free agent? Who for the 2? With Jimmy at 3 what to do with Dunleavy and McD? Maybe the switch allows Bulls to let go of more of the current roster and find new pieces including new starting 2.
Lawrence Joy

Is it just me or do you think Ben Simmons will be another Lamar Odom without all the psychological issues?

Jay Choi

I like Adam Silver. He started the ‘last 2 minute report’ on the refs, and he won’t back down from the union (that wants it stopped). As he explained, it does three good things. (1) Increases respect for the NBA (because they’re being honest). (2) Increases respect for the refs (because it shows that the calls are overwhelmingly right), and (3) Improves the refs! The sheer numbers of bad calls have decreased significantly since they started these ‘reports’. The refs may not want the scrutiny, but it’s clear that at least some of them need it to do their best work.
Art Alenik