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Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 5.20.2016

Maybe I'm too optimistic but I don't understand some of the Media rag on the State of the Bulls. If we can re-sign Noah, along with what we have: Rose - 1 more year, Gibson-Mirotic-Butler-McBuckets-Portis, along with the 14th pick (hopefully we strike Gold there) and Felicio. Add a couple (tier 2) free agents and I don't see why the Bulls can't be a top 5 Team in the east? Your thoughts? What do I see that others don't? The Eastern Conference is not like the West. The East is still a one-horse conference. Bulls handled Toronto pretty well during the season. Washington-Detroit-Indiana-Atlanta don't strike fear in anyone's hearts. I would keep an eye on Boston though but that still puts the Bulls in the top 4-5 In the conference.
Randy Sanders

I've been all over the place with suggestions on how to improve over the summer. But I don't think a blockbuster trade is available and I'm not sure one is necessary. Circumstances were less than ideal this last season. Pieces didn't fit, players were hurt, identity was in flux. If we resign Moore and Noah we have a solid ten again. With Gasol gone we have a better flow, and better hierarchy of responsibility. I believe with the team below we have a shot at regaining a top 4 spot in the East.

Rose / Moore

Butler / Holiday / Snell

McD / Dunleavy (experiment with who starts)

Mirotic / Gibson (experiment with who starts)

Noah / Portis / Felicio

I'm not sure McDermott is ready to start next year, depends on how much he can improve his defense. Same with Mirotic. He can light it up but Taj is more of a steadying force. Portis is 6'11" and if he can gain a little more muscle he can certainly become a Noah protege. I have no idea what to do with the #14, #48, Snell, or Felicio. Perhaps package some or all of them for a solid rotational player.

Matthew Mikulice

I agree with you that the Bulls greatest needs are a #2 (or a #3 who shoots like a #2) and a Center. I know who I want, but we’d have to move up for him – Buddy Hield. I like Denzel Valentine too (great name), but we may need a better athlete for Hoi-ball. If we go for a Center, maybe the Sabonis kid. Good DNA can’t hurt. Ask Steph Curry...

It was also interesting to review the Bulls draft history. Some great picks... and a few bad ones.

2000: Fizer drafted to play #3. Big mistake. Wish we still had Jamal Crawford

2001: Could’ve had Gasol instead of Tyson! I never liked Chandler, and still don’t.

2002: Don’t even want to talk about Jay-Won’t. What a moron!

2003: Loved Kirk (or ‘Kurt’ to VDN), but would’ve loved Wade even more. Damn Riley!

2004: Never a Ben Gordon fan (one-dimensional), but loved Luol!

2006: LaMarcus for Tyrus. Pax’s biggest boo-boo. Aaaargh! Thabo àTaj, That was nice.

2007: Noah from the Curry trade. Excellent!

2008: If he only stayed healthy...

Looking back on the Curry trade, we got Aldridge, Noah & Asik.... Not bad!
Art Alenik

Any chance the Bulls deal with the Kings to help them get out of the bottom 10? The Bulls have some players that could help them win now. With Rondo a FA they could use a PG. If they were able to match salaries wouldn't a trade centered around Rose make a lot of sense for both teams?
Billy Habibi

First of all, you can't get talent back without giving it up. Our biggest assets, in order, are Jimmy, Derrick, and the young guys. The more I think about it, the more I realize it'd be lunacy to hang on to Jimmy. He has the Cinderella story, can play at both ends, has a hell of a motor and is on a reasonable contract. I think the hype around him is enough to overshadow his (sizable) downfalls. Hopefully we can find value for him on the market as I strongly doubt anyone's lining up for Derrick. Plus, I'm willing to bet Derrick steps it up a notch or three in his contract year and we saw his confidence slowly building this season. As for the rookies, Bobby looks the most solid all-round and has some mongrel to him. Doug has a scorers instinct and defense can be taught. Niko's upside is big, but I'm shopping him because that kid is a textbook loose cannon.
Blake Gillespie

What do you think will happen this offseason? I really want the Bulls to bring back Deng since he is a free agent and probably won't be too expensive either. He would help make a difference in our lost locker room. I don't think we should bring back Pau but hey if we can get Noah and Deng back together I do think it can help get back to where we need to be.

Raj Desai

It seems like the organization has admitted that Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler are tougher co-existing than they previously thought and I have also been hearing a bunch of rumors about the organization looking to trade butler (my guess is because it'd be an unfavorable trade for them if they traded Rose by some miracle). Personally I don't want either of them to be gone. With that said though, management is going to make decisions one way or another. Have they tried looking to Milwaukee for a trade? Again, I don't really want Butler to be traded, has management thought about reducing the amount of time the two have to co exist? Butler played almost 37 mins per game and Rose almost 31 per game. Why not just have Derrick play about 28 minutes per game and Butler 30 and the only time they need to work on co existing would be at the start and end of games (if needed)?
Adam Chin

On the triangle. Supposedly Jeff Van Gundy said Hornacek doesn't have to run it.
Mike Sutera

New NBA logo, Steph? If he never played another game, he is what basketball players and people should be all about! I think Jerry West (my all-time favorite) would be proud! A lot of kids don’t even know who Jerry West is, but everyone knows Steph! It’s time.
Rex Doty

Didn't you write once that Jordan wanted to retire after the 6th championship? If so, does it perplex you that he keeps saying he wanted to come back and go for a 7th championship only the Bulls broke up the team? Just wondering.
Brian Dudak

Call me crazy but I think resigning Moore, grabbing an energy a Bazemore or (Carroll) type and making some kind of move for a center would be a smart off season. Butler was a bit tone deaf this year but I think his heart is in the right place. He just cares and attacked the situation with what has always worked for him, hard work and personal responsibility. Trading him would be short sighted. I think Paxson is too smart for that. Speaking of Paxson, he called out Rose for defense, which was smart. Rose has pride. I think he'll step up next year. A bench coach shakeup has been reported. I think next year will be much more competitive and entertaining.
Wesley Davis