Jimmy Butler gets introspective after Pacers win

Jimmy Butler is known around the Bulls for many things these days, lately his delicate comments regarding coach Fred Hoiberg’s handling of the team, before that his 600-gallon boom box fish tank thanks to his considerable long term contract he signed with the Bulls last summer and also his native Texas affinity for country music.

Like standing by your man, or walking the line or seeing the teardrops on your guitar or being so lonesome you could cry.

After Butler’s spectacular tip in of the Pau Gasol pass to defeat the Indiana Pacers 102-100 in overtime Wednesday, Butler poured out his achy breaky heart a little bit as Butler’s 28 points Wednesday followed a season low five points Monday. The community has been somewhat divided in debate about whether Butler was right or wrong or should keep on dreaming.

“I’m going to get criticized,” said Butler “Some people are going to like me and some people are not; it’s fine. I’ve just got to focus in on what we’ve got here and not let the outside things bother me.”

Butler said he respects Hoiberg despite what others may think regarding his comments–after which the Bulls have played some of their best of the season–but he also admitted that he often has more than his share of ups and downs about life beyond basketball.

“Always something going on in my life,” said Butler. “I can’t let it affect my on the court play. I have a job to do here and I didn’t do it (Monday). I can’t let things affect me on the basketball court. I think we’re both learning a lot about each other. He’s probably learning how moody I am on a daily basis, to tell you the truth. He lets me be who I am. He handles everything that I do very well. I’m not a big communicator. But he’s always talking to me, always asking, ‘How are you doing? What can we do?’ He’s always asking my opinion on a lot of things.

“Nothing I do is to disrespect anybody,” said Butler. “I think he realizes I’m going to be here. I realize he’s going to be here, so we’ve got to deal with each other, anyway. He’s holding me accountable for everything. He talked to me when I was low energy last game, and I fixed it. That’s the type of guy he is. He has the utmost confidence in me because he continually put the ball in my hand when he didn’t have to. When something’s bothering me you can really tell and he’s always like, ‘Yo, you want to sit down and talk?’ It’s very important to me.”