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Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 6.3.2016

Another Finals loss for LeBron. What does this do to his legacy?
Mike Sutera

Curry & Klay started raining 3's on the Thunder. They'll beat the Cavs that way too. Soon they can scratch the playoffs and just have a big 3-point shoot-off for the title. That's why I think the Bulls should only sign players who can hit the 3. Athleticism & defense still count, but 3-point shooting is what you need to win these days.
Just for grins, I ran some stats on the Conference Finals. There was only 1 game in 13 where the poorer 3-pt. shooting team won (Game 5: OKC: 13-30 for 43% GS: 9-24 for 38%). Volume isn't as important as accuracy. Cleveland took 41 treys in each of their 2 losses, and averaged 23 in their 4 wins. But they made 44% in the W's and 33% in the L's.
Art Alenik

If only Snell had more confidence in himself. He has a great shooting form not to want to shoot more. Do you think he will ever come around or should go ahead and attach the (Bust) label on him now?
Randall Sanders

Is Kevin Durant ever going to claim the mantle of a great player – and win a truly big game for his team in the playoffs? Or is he destined to be just a great regular-season player and a nice playoff option?
Matt Adler

I knew the year would be tough, a team without any changes with a new coach and style is going to be a transition since Hoiberg likes his Hoiball. This lineup the Bulls have is actually going to be pretty decent for years to come. There are good young players on this team that I believe can develop good games. Mirotic, McDermott, Felicio, Portis, and I would like to say Moore would be a great veteran player to keep around. Youth is uncertain but I would like to think that eventually we will still have a team to build off of. I am actually not against trading Butler. A lot of people are kind of talking ridiculous on the trades, though if they can get a good trade for a high draft pick. Mr. Butler is valuable and unless you get a good offer you keep him. What I am trying to say is that instead of waiting to get talent around the good players they need to have all their talent develop at the same time. We get good players but they are not performing at the same time. If we can strike gold and have Portis, McDermott, Felicio, Simmons, and Mirotic hitting their stride at the same time could be a mix and match nightmare. I would like the Bulls try and get talent for their guys instead of watching them leave 1 by 1.
Matt Rapata

Since it seems like the Bulls are going to not make a major overhaul this off season it seems, I suggest they make a run at signing Dwight Howard since I don't see Houston wanting him back with D'Antoni there now. Even though he's not what he was, he can still provide some rim protection that the Bulls sorely lacked this past season with Gasol at center. I'd rather blow up this team and start over, but if the front office insists on keeping Rose and Butler together, then I think it's worth a shot if they can get Howard for around $20-22 mil a year.
Mike Kay