Sam Smith Mailbag: 1.27.17

What’s with the Wade? The team better improve or I’m opting out of my Deal? Really, he came to Chicago in a Cash-Grab in the first place. If it was about winning, him & Bosh should have signed with the Bulls in 2010 when we had a healthy Rose, Noah and Deng. We (Bulls) need to find a way to develop players and have patience with them. Bulls can’t keep drafting players Like McBuckets, Valentine, Portis and Mirotic and lose confidence in them after 1-2 years.
Randall Sanders

I've been following this team for a long time. I don't remember a scorched-earth postgame session like this one after the Hawks game, especially in calling out teammates. Can you? And assuming they were going off on Zipser/Niko for the threes, what the heck else were they supposed to do? They were open!
Alejandro Yegros

I know you're not on Instagram - just making sure you have seen this from Rondo: My vets would never go to the media. They would come to the team. My vets didn't pick and choose when they wanted to bring it. They brought it every time they stepped in the gym whether it was practice or a game. They didn't take days off. My vets didn't care about their numbers. My vets played for the team. When we lost, they wouldn't blame us. They took responsibility and got in the gym. They showed the young guys what it meant to work. Even in Boston when we had the best record in the league, if we lost a game, you could hear a pin drop on the bus. They showed us the seriousness of the game. My vets didn't have an influence on the coaching staff. They couldn't change the plan because it didn't work for them. I played under one of the greatest coaches, and he held everyone accountable. It takes 1-15 to win. When you isolate everyone, you can't win consistently. I may be a lot of things, but I'm not a bad teammate. My goal is to pass what I learned along. The young guys work. They show up. They don't deserve blame. If anything is questionable, it's the leadership.
Mike Burling

I love this Bulls team but I cannot wrap my head around what either management or the coaching staff are trying to accomplish. Help me understand what the Bulls are doing with the point guard position, the endless rotation changes, and death to any consistency that helps players, especially young players, get into a groove, gain confidence and with that solid production. As a fan, I am embarrassed. And I tend to stand behind the choices made by my favorite team.
Rondo wasn’t a fit in the starting unit, I like the back-up role with the shooters opening the lane for him. But sitting him several games? You knew what you were getting in Rondo, so work with it. If I were a veteran free agent considering the Bulls I'd be looking at that heavily. And now the flip-flopping of MCW and Grant at the starting position?
Dawn Parker

Now will Melo waive his clause or you still think he will stay put?

I think the Bulls need to be bold and not hold back. They need to not over value some of our players. Two trades I think the bulls should look into doing:
#1- Taj Gibson for Tyus Jones, Adrien Payne
#2-Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Doug McDermott to Philadelphia for Jahlil Okafor, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarott, 2017 2nd round pick.
Rocky Rosado

How much of this starting PG rotation is being decided by Fred Hoiberg? I know he’s mentioned that today’s change to Grant was his decision, but I wonder how involved the Front Office would be in these changes…and does any of it have to do with the trade window coming up?
Andrew Robson

Why not Nate Robinson as our point guard? Here’s what he posted on social media:: "Looks like my guy Jimmy and Dwade needs a real animal to come help, I've been here guys just waiting to help a team I know the Chi got love for me still ??? I could be wrong, I just wanna play guys #natebacktotheNBA #facts y'all know what I did when I had that Bulls uniform." Robinson made a similar overture to James on a photo of James' postgame rant following a loss to the Pelicans on Monday.
Ryan Carpel

I found it interesting Wade and Butler called out their teammates for poor shot selection basically saying the ball should have gone to them.
From where I sat (in my living room in Australia) Zipser was open for that 3.......
Niko on the other hand was at his usual spot , 1 meter from the 3 point line.
The defensive lapse was on the 5 that was out there when Atlanta hit three 3s in that 70 second stretch.
The post game interviews were more interesting than the game yesterday.
Where do we go from here?
Mike Burling

So the Spurs sat Leonard with the alleged claim of a sore hand. Would you like to make a bet that if the game is at home he wouldn't have sat? The NBA needs to do something. I think that it's great that the Bulls will play their players or sit them when they need to – but not just because of home or away games. The Spurs have really taken this in a bad direction and I don't appreciate it. They’re violating that trust.
Matt Adler

I was against sending Rondo anywhere let alone the Cavs but now I see we are just totally wasting him. The Cavs are desperate for him and Lebron is constantly shouting out for pg help to Kyrie. Sure they don't have much to give back but do they at least have a late 1st rounder to give up and a young athletic wing who isn't getting court time? Lebron is the king of the superteams and whatever he wants, he generally gets. Even if the Cavs are paying overs. They also seem to pull in 3rd teams to get deals done which gives us more options on something to help us now.
Andrew Brown

Zipser? Maybe another Jimmy 4 years from now?
Rex Doty

I know that you were against Sam Hinkie's "process." I too thought that at a certain point they needed to start trying to win games; the trade of MCW seemed especially egregious. But it seems like that's finally happening -- slowly -- and poor Sam Hinkie wasn't allowed to stick around long enough to steer his vision to completion. If the 6'ers win a title with a core of Embiid, Simmons, and Saric, Hinkie should be given a ring and allowed to attend the ceremony. As it stands, Brian Colangelo may get all of the credit -- Jefferson to Hinkie's Adams.
Terrell Bryant

Putting the next generation of the Bulls together, I think you have to build around Butler. Without a foundation, it's really hard to put anything together. Wade has helped other players see that Butler is a guy you can play with. Keep McDermott, Felicio, Valentine, and Zipser. Keep Lopez if you can sign him for the right price. Keep Portis, Grant, and Carter-Williams as long as they're cheap. Now you've got some cap room going forward. Hopefully, someone will want to come and play with this team.
William Kochneff

I'd rather watch Sean Kilpatrick pass to Chris Levert and teammates.
Ron Goldberg

I think this Bulls team isn't built for the regular season but is possibly for the playoffs. Playoff bball the game slows down and it comes down to the small stuff which bulls are good at. Rebounding second chance points low turnovers 50/50 balls and most importantly having superstars and superstars that can close out games as alot of games will be close and come down to last 5 minutes. And we have two of them.
If we can just avoid the 8th seed playing Cleveland and fall into the 6 or 7 seed we could potentially see them in the ECF. We've owned Toronto and teams like Boston Atlanta Charlotte don't have the superstar power to match against us. I'm not buying the wizards as a threat either John wall closed us out the other week but statistically hasn't ever been a guy who can close games.
Also the D wade we who had extra motivation because he had to back up his apology to the city with a big-time performance is the D Wade we will see every game in the playoffs playing more minutes and being more efficient and taking over more cuz that's how he is come playoff time. So I'm excited for the playoffs, just hope we get in. What do you think?
Chase Roman