Pick-by-pick analysis - 2017 NBA Draft

#1. Markelle Fultz, Washington

Philadelphia: Markelle Fultz. So he better be all that. May well be. Second straight No. 1 overall for the 76ers. Said to also love cheesesteaks. Though the frenzy Thursday among many NBA executives was trying to move into the top five to select Kansas' Josh Jackson. Could 76ers' process include trying to trade him and Ben Simmons for picks?

#2. Lonzo Ball, UCLA

LA Lakers: The first player selected since Jon Barry whose father is getting more attention. Great hoop name, though, like Magic. Not sure they're back quite yet, but he's the anti-dad, unselfish, popular with teammates, enhancing others. He'll make Brook Lopez look great.

#3. Jayson Tatum, Duke

Boston: Danny Ainge did it again, passing the guy who is supposed to be better, at least a bit, Josh Jackson. But Tatum is good and a scorer, so perhaps fitting the Celtics better. The Celtics are planning to retire Tatum's number this season as they try to find out if they have any numbers left.

#4. Josh Jackson, Kansas

Phoenix: Seemed like Phoenix was going to make a trade, but this guy makes the sun come out with his all around talents. Perhaps he makes the Suns rise. Five years from now many NBA guys predict he'll be the best from this draft. I predict it will be 2022.

#5. De'Aaron Fox, Kentucky

Sacramento: A foxy selection? I promise to do better. Really like this guy. Fast, aggressive, committed, concerned, unselfish. Sort of the anti-DeMarcus Cousins. Vlade for exec of the year? He's so good did you see the way this kid dribbles left handed?

#6. Jonathan Isaac, Florida State

Orlando: Some GMs say he'll eventually be the draft's best given his size and athletic ability. Hey, didn't someone say that about Jackson? Not another ESPN broadcast with every player the greatest. Appears to be the core of the Magic's fourth rebuilding since Shaq left.

#7. Lauri Markkanen, Arizona

Minnesota: He's an outstanding shooting big man, a native of Finland who, according to sources could be going to the Bulls in trade. If that occurs, he'd surpass Erik Murphy as the best ever Fin to play for the franchise. Has to be his highlight. He's a four/five who was as good as any big man in college stepping out to shoot threes. Given where Finland is, he may be one of the few people in the world who looked to go to Minneapolis or Chicago to get warmer in winter.

#8. Frank Ntilikina, France

New York: Still hoping to erase the memory of former No. 1 pick from France Frederic Weis. Frank's going to have New Yorkers calling them French fries again. A big point guard who may be somewhere between Clyde Frazier and Charlie Ward

#9. Dennis Smith, NC State

New York: Hard not to predict greatness for a Smith. He's hardly a common guy. Will be very interesting to see as execs say he may be the most athletic guy in the draft; a little small, but great leaper and offensive player. Dennis could be some menace.

#10. Zach Collins, Gonzaga

Sacramento: Impressive big man who is unusually mobile, quick and a good shooter. Supposed to be traded to Portland, which starts to give them the makings of a nice starting five with last season's addition of Jusuf Nurkic. I'm not mentioning what happens to Portland big men. Good luck, kid.

#11. Malik Monk, Kentucky

Charlotte: Finally Michael Jordan gets to see what a great shooting guard looks like. With Kemba Walker, Nicolas Batum and Dwight Howard, they have something with Monk. Not sure what, but it may be worth looking at.

#12. Luke Kennard, Duke

Detroit: They're yelling Luuuuuuuukkkkkkkeee, not...Well, the Pistons have other issues. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope might be wondering what this means for his free agency. With Pistons moving downtown Detroit next season, maybe they just don't tell Caldwell-Pope where they moved. Always happened to me as a kid.

#13. Donovan Mitchell, Louisville

Denver: Said to be going to Utah for the No. 24 and Trey Lyles. Super athletic guy. Jazz not quite sure historically what that looks like.

#14. Bam Adebayo, Kentucky

Miami: Big guy in the spirit of Alonzo Mourning, physical, angrily dunking; not snarling quite as much. Bam!

#15. Justin Jackson, North Carolina

Portland: Supposedly going to Sacramento in trade. Stable, serious, hard working, intelligent, reliable player. For Sacramento?

#16. Justin Patton, Creighton

Chicago: Big guy who apparently will go to the Timberwolves in the proposed trade with the Bulls. Is this the end for Karl-Anthony Towns?

#17. DJ Wilson, Michigan

Milwaukee: Another long armed exciting guy for Milwaukee to match the reputation of the community

#18. TJ Leaf, UCLA

Indiana:Paul George commits himself to Pacers for life. Said he never believed Leaf could fall to them.

#19. John Collins, Wake Forest

Atlanta:Another team basically rebuilding. The next Dwight Howard? The next Mike Muscala?

#20. Harry Giles, Duke

Portland:Supposed to be going to Kings in trade. A guy who was regarded as a potential best talent in college, but has had injuries. Hey, what's with all the Duke guys and they couldn't do anything in the tournament? Coaching?

#21. Terrance Ferguson, Australia

Oklahoma City:A spot up shooter to play with Russ. Makes sense. Watch out Stockton, Russ is going for the assist record, too

#22. Jarrett Allen, Texas

Brooklyn:A spot up shooter to play with Russ. Makes sense. Watch out Stockton, Russ is going for the assist record, too

#23. OG Anunoby, Indiana

Toronto:Good risk pick. May not even play this season, but highly regarded as a defender and shooter. Can relax and enjoy Toronto winter.

#24. Tyler Lydon, Syracuse

Utah:After losing a Trey, seemed vital to get back a Tyler.

#25. Anzejs Pasecniks, Latvia

Orlando:After losing a Trey, seemed vital to get back a Tyler.

#26. Caleb Swanigan, Purdue

Orlando:Love those big men. Go Big 10.

#27. Kyle Kuzma, Utah

LA Lakers:He has to be part of the Kyle Korver family since they're all named with Ks. PLayed for Krystkowiak. Figured. Versatile offensive guy.

#28. Tony Bradley, North Carolina

Utah:Moved on to the Jazz, who are stocking some nice young men.

#29. Derrick White, Colorado

San Antonio:Moved on to the Jazz, who are stocking some nice young men.

#30. Josh Hart, Villanova

LA Lakers:Moved onto the Lakers. ABC-TV excited as they could revive the old Hart to Hart TV series.