There is no Next, by Sam Smith

New Michael Jordan book by Sam Smith adds to "Rules"

Author of The Jordan Rules Looks at MJ’s Legacy 30 Years after NBA Debut; Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Phil Jackson and Other Legends Pay Tribute to Jordan.

NEW YORK, N.Y., — Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s first appearance in an NBA game, Diversion Books today announced the upcoming October 28 release of There Is No Next: NBA Legends on the Legacy of Michael Jordan by Sam Smith, which chronicles the career and impact of the NBA’s most celebrated star from the perspective of some of the NBA’s biggest names. The book is now available for presell on Amazon and iBooks.

Smith, who wrote The New York Times bestseller The Jordan Rules, has delivered a unique history of Jordan, one of the most popular figures in modern history. Part oral history, part narrative, There Is No Next is filled with views and commentary from many of the biggest names in NBA history—Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Phil Jackson, Reggie Miller, Chris Mullin, Bill Walton, David Stern, Doug Collins, Joe Dumars, to name a few—who played against him and watched him.

The stories and insights these men share about Jordan—often with a tone of unabashed admiration—are filled with awe. Taken in total, they paint a portrait of the most graceful, powerful, competitive and mentally focused force to step on the hardwood. Here’s one of the many things Larry Bird has to say, in this instance addressing the question of the best player of all time:

“There have been some great two guards. But I just know in my time from the 80s ‘til now Michael is the best player I’ve seen. He’s the best I’ve played against. I think he’s the best our league has seen. Not because of the championships but how good he was.”

Smith acts as the world’s most knowledgeable guide and analyst on his subject, steering us through the pre-Jordan history of the Chicago Bulls, MJ’s play on the 1984 U.S. Olympic team, his arrival on the Bulls (the first game was October 26, 1984), his phenomenal first round playoff performance against Boston, his ascent during his first seven seasons without a single appearance in the NBA finals, his dominant run leading the Bulls to six NBA championships, and his post-Bulls career.

Ultimately, There Is No Next is an exuberant celebration of Michael Jordan. The stories here justify the title: Jordan’s rise, his above-the-world play, his marketing power, charisma and “what he represented in his time to the culture, society and the world” can never be duplicated. There will never be another Jordan, but you can rediscover and relish the original in There Is No Next.


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