McDermott getting used to a new coach
"My dad was pretty tough on me. He could kind of pick on me at times," said McDermott of practices at Creighton. "Now that I’m a rookie, Thibs can pick on me too."

McDermott getting used to a new coach

By Adam Fluck | 10.11.2014 | 7:55 a.m. CT | Archive | @AdamFluck 

Having his father keep a close eye on him as he practices is nothing new for Doug McDermott. 

After all, Greg McDermott was his son’s head coach all four years he played at Creighton. On Thursday and Friday at the Advocate Center, Greg was back in the same gym as Doug. 

When Doug spoke to the media after practice, someone asked him if there were moments on Friday when he would glance up at his dad or if he was more focused on Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau?

“No, not really. I’m over him,” joked the younger McDermott. “He’s pretty quiet up there. But he’ll let me have it when we get back to my apartment. He’s learning a lot from Thibs and they are sharing a lot of days. It’s great that he could come.”

Conflicting schedules will allow Greg to only see a couple of Doug’s games in person this season. Saturday’s exhibition in Milwaukee (7:30 p.m. CT on WGN and NBA TV) will be the first with the other coming on Feb. 23, a day before Creighton is in town to face DePaul. 

As for how Doug is adapting to the NBA level, he said he feels great with two preseason games in the books. 

“I was pretty nervous for the first one, playing in front of a new crowd and not really knowing what to expect,” said McDermott. “Now, after both of them are over, obviously we’ve come up short in the win column, but I’m learning a lot and starting to gel with the guys I’m playing with.” 

McDermott, who has logged 26 and 34 minutes in his first two appearances while averaging 9.5 points per game, even liked that Tuesday’s game in Detroit went into overtime. Simply put, it gave him and the other reserves on the floor an opportunity to keep working. 

“Even though it’s the preseason, we got a chance to go into overtime and run some of our late sets and there were different defensive things we got into late in the game too,” explained McDermott. “It will really be beneficial for us.” 

When it comes to comparing his father with Thibodeau, though, he’s not about to say who runs a tougher practice. 

“It’s college versus pro. There are some vets on this team and in college you are only there for four years,” said McDermott. “But Thibs has been great. He pushes us but he also knows we have some guys that are older and overcoming some injuries. He’s been really good with that so far.” 

Was he implying that Thibodeau takes it a little bit easier on him?

“I don’t want to say that,” McDermott laughed. “My dad was pretty tough on me. He could kind of pick on me at times. Now that I’m a rookie, Thibs can pick on me too.”

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