Keys to the Game: Bulls at Pistons (03.10.19)

This afternoon the Chicago Bulls make their final visit to Motown to take on the Detroit Pistons to close the books on a weekend home-and-home set between the two longtime Central Division rivals.Not counting Friday’s contest at the United Center, both the Bulls and Pistons have been playing well of late. Entering the weekend Chicago had won six of its last nine, while Detroit posted 10 wins over its last dozen games. Currently the Pistons are sitting as the 6th seed in the East, while the Bulls look to the future with high expectations and hopes for better days ahead.  In order for Chicago come out on top this afternoon they’re going to have to do a terrific job of remaining focused and aware of who’s on the floor and where they are setting up.Offensively the Bulls need to play fast and unselfishly, making the ball jump from side-to-side and from player-to-player, getting everyone involved in the action. Chicago has to force every opponent to scramble and consume energy in defending the paint as well as the perimeter. Collectively, the Bulls also have to sport an unbending boldness at both ends of the floor, establishing a readiness to be just as physical and persistent when it comes to attacking the basket. To achieve success Chicago has to regularly tap into its richness of speed and athleticism, giving every effort possible on the boards to give themselves an opening to speed up the pace of the game. The Bulls need to attempt to seize every missed shot they can get a hand on and instantly streak down the floor to notch easy scores before Detroit will have time to set up and close down driving lanes to the hoop. By the same token, the Bulls also need to stay dedicated and poised whenever they don’t grab hold of a missed shot by relentlessly hustling back on defense to prevent the Pistons from stacking up a bunch of fastbreak points of their own.