Bulls reportedly deal Hinrich, 17th pick to Wizards

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Sam Smith: On the night of the NBA Draft, the Bulls took another step toward the potential recruitment of a top free agent like LeBron James with a tentative trade to send Kirk Hinrich and the No. 17 pick in the draft to the Washington Wizards, sources close to both teams confirmed.

The Wizards would not be sending anything back to the Bulls, but absorbing Hinrich into their salary cap room. The trade for the Bulls would be to create additional salary cap space, close to about $31 million now, to perhaps be able to sign two top free agents.

It’s an unprecedented situation in the history of the NBA with teams paying others to take their players, as Miami did Wednesday in giving their No. 1 pick to Oklahoma City so the Thunder would take Daequan Cook. The Bulls also were believed to have sent cash to the Wizards, suggesting the Bulls aren’t backing off or sparing any expense in their pursuit of top free agents. Read the full story now at Blogs.Bulls.com.

The Bulls owned one pick in NBA Draft 2010 on June 24, No. 17 overall. Following that selection, General Manager Gar Forman made the following statement:

"This evening we selected Kevin Seraphin with the 17th overall pick of the NBA Draft. At this time, we are currently in discussions to trade our draft rights to Kevin Seraphin; however, we will not be able to complete a trade until after the moratorium period concludes on July 8.

"With that said, we are not at liberty to identify the team that we are talking to or reveal any other specifics of potential trades. Therefore, we will have no comment on this selection until we have completed all trade discussions."

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Sam Smith's 2010 Mock Draft for Draft Day

Sam Smith files his final mock draft. It is time for the real thing, the 2010 NBA Draft. We have known for a long time John Wall will go first, and Evan Turner will get the Michael Jordan treatment: He'll play for Doug Collins.

There’s not much certainty after that. The Nets were counting on No. 1 with that run at the all-time worst record, and now have several options. It’s seemed they were trying to lure Minnesota at No. 4, who wanted Derrick Favors, into a swap to pick up some extra picks, but Minnesota hasn’t bitten yet... continue reading and see who Sam has the Bulls taking at No. 17.

Re-writing NBA Draft history

The NBA draft will be going on Thursday and some team will select a player, say, 14th, and the commentators and instant analysts will become hysterical in declaring the player was 26th on their list and what was that team thinking of and this was the shock of the draft.

Say, like, if the Milwaukee Bucks last season at No. 10 would have selected Taj Gibson, which is about where I think he would have gone if last year's draft were held today.

NBA Draft 2010 loaded with big men

The 2009 NBA Draft was the year of the guard, but this summer's draft is all about the big men, with Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe leading the pack, writes Sam Smith.

And he wouldn’t call them sleepers, but he could see guys like Xavier Henry, Gordon Hayward, Ekpe Udoh and Elliott Williams rising from outside the top 10 to be some of the best players to come out of this draft. Actually, Hayward could end up in the NBA as a shooting guard, which would strengthen that group.

Sam Smith's top value draft picks of all time

The best part of the NBA Draft is seeing if some team can unearth a future star that has fallen through the cracks. The one guy few, if any, thought would ever be good. Sam Smith provides his list of the NBA's top value picks of all time.

Who is the greatest draft pick of all time? Smith says it is Kobe Bryant, who was selected at No. 13 overall in 1996 and will be considered one of the 10 greatest players ever.

Bulls may deal 17th pick in NBA Draft

Sam Smith: With the 17th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls... will probably try not to use the 17th pick in the draft. That’s my sense for now, because if they don’t have the 17th pick, that means they probably traded it—and a player or two—for additional salary cap space to make a run at two top free agents.

This draft is going to be unusual, since, at least the Bulls at No. 17 and Miami at No. 18, are the most likely among others to try to move picks to keep from having to add that guaranteed first round salary and try to use the pick to get a team to also take one of their players to make themselves more attractive to free agents. If the Bulls use the pick, it might be a disappointment, though there’s also the possibility they could pick for another team with a deal to be completed later after a sign-and-trade.

Interview with the General Manager: Forman's Bulls embark on crucial two week stretch

BullsTV goes one-on-one with the draft prospects

Ranking the best Bulls' bargain draft picks

Sam Smith: So who’s the greatest Bulls Draft pick ever?

Forget about Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Derrick Rose and even Reggie Theus.Those were easy to make—though maybe not in Portland’s case regarding Jordan.

Basically, for this exercise I’ve eliminated almost all high first-round and/or lottery picks. It’s hardly a scientific examination, but what list is?

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