Chuck's Daily Check In 9.28.18

One of the first stat lines, if not THE first, coaches look at when they receive in-game, halftime or post game box score sheets is the line designating the amount of turnovers a team has tallied. Whether it’s high school, college or pro, the key to a successful season is to limit your own turnovers (and force them) and value possessions.

Head Coach Fred Hoiberg said that was a point of emphasis Thursday. “It’s about correcting. We’re going to watch our turnovers (today) and the sloppiness that is occurring and generally it happens when you’re fatigued. We’ve had very demanding hard practices. We’re doing a lot of running right now so when you get fatigued that’s when you get sloppy so hopefully we can get in better condition that’ll clean some of that up.”

In addition to scrimmaging, which was divided into three separate groups, Coach Hoiberg went through a video session with the ball club Thursday.

Did you know that Zach LaVine says he was a better at baseball than basketball in high school? He stopped playing baseball his sophomore year. LaVine said he made the right choice (basketball). I think I agree with him!

LaVine says he was on a mission this summer to get better. He took one vacation after the season, traveling to the Bahamas to decompress. Despite chilling on the beach, LaVine was thinking of the grind. “You always want to get better. The main thing what my dad said is, that if you’re not working, someone else is, so it’s always in the back of your head.”

LaVine addressed changes he’s made to his game this off season: “ I was working on my shot, my legs, my balance and stuff like that. I watched a lot of film. I watched my mishaps on defense. I actually was really good on the ball but wasn’t as good off the ball and that’s what I need to work on. Also, conditioning wise, if you’re the best conditioned person out there, you’re usually one of the best players. I’ve always prided myself on being the most conditioned, the fastest. I think I’m back in tip-top shape. I’m a worker. I enjoy the work."

24 Seconds of CCI.

Preseason ball starts tonight! The Charlotte Hornets host the Boston Celtics on NBA TV to tip things off. On League Pass, the Philadelphia 76ers entertain Melbourne United. Will I be watching? 100% done.

Jimmy Butler remains a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Refresh your Internet page now and then. Thank you.

Despite the loss of LeBron James, Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson says the Cavs remain the team to beat the in Eastern Conference. Several players responded to Thompson’s remarks, including the 2018 Rookie of the Year, Ben Simmons, on Instagram: “ha yeh okay buddy see you soon.” Trash talking in pre season is officially underway!

Dwight Howard is nursing back soreness and has yet to practice with the Wizards.

Kyrie Irving sounds like a man that wants to stay in Boston but remember it’s only late September. As I’ve stated many times, enjoy the moment. Enjoy the season. July can wait!

Klay Thompson told reporters he loves living in the Bay Area and would like to remain a Warrior. Golden State’s talented All Star is a free agent at the end of the season.

The Pelicans come to town on Sunday with Chicago’s Jahlil Okafor, the former third overall pick in the draft, still trying to find an NBA home. His rookie season in Philadelphia was productive as Okafor averaged 17 points per game but injuries and DNP-CDs ( Did not play-coach’s decision) curtailed his career. Head Coach Alvin Gentry told Nola.com Okafor has been great. Okafor told the web site he’s cut out candy and bread and weighs 250-254 after once being listed at 275. Here’s hoping things work out for Okafor who is just 22 years young.

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