Chuck's Daily Check In 10-15-17

Bulls update for October 15:  Practice.

NEXT GAME: NBA season opener, Thursday in Toronto 6:30 p.m. CT tip.


Neil Funk, Bulls broadcaster since 1991-92 on this year’s ball club:

"I know a lot of people don’t have high expectations. I’m a little bit different. I think we’re going to be better than most people give us credit for, for a variety of different reasons.  This is a team that’s going to play hard and I think it will bode well, especially in the first few months of the season while teams are getting ready for the NBA season. Secondly, the team ( Bulls) if they make threes, they’re going to be dangerous.On nights they’re not making them obviously they’re going to struggle.

Funk on the Eastern Conference:  "From my view from top to bottom not good. I think the Bulls can be more toward the top of the East if they play hard and make shots.

Funk on surprises in training camp: The style of play. I think Fred (Hoiberg)  is finally getting a chance to implement his philosophy on this particular team. All teams are trying to emulate Golden State to some degree but most teams don’t have the kind of talent Golden State does. Having said that, I think Fred has some guys that can make three point shots  and if they do that and play fast I think that will bode very well  in the Eastern Conference that’s not known for speed."


Richard Jefferson could be reunited with Head Coach Jason Kidd in Milwaukee. According to several media outlets, Jefferson, traded by Cleveland to Atlanta, later waived by the Hawks ,must clear waivers by Monday 4PM CT for the Bucks to scoop him up.
Jefferson played with Kidd in New Jersey for seven seasons and was a member of the Bucks for one season in 2008-09.

Speaking of Jefferson, he co-hosts a podcast and one of his recent guests was now ex teammate J.R. Smith of the Cavaliers.

Smith revealed that he enjoys coffee…like, REALLY enjoys coffee...

"I get an extra large hot coffee with eight creams and eight sugars," Smith said.

Wowza...Eight creams and eight sugars?

PS...breaking news...(not that you care) I’ve never had a sip of coffee in my life. True. Have no clue what it taste like. I drink plenty of hot tea. Tons, in fact. Any way...back to hoops!

Portland’s CJ McCollum will miss the Blazers season opener serving a one game suspension for leaving the bench during an altercation in Portland’s pre season game against Phoenix.  McCollum is coming off a tremendous season and is an outstanding player.

The Lakers waived former Marquette standout Vander Blue.

The Knicks waived Trey Burke, a former overall number 9 pick who played last season in Washington.

Washington parted company with veteran Donald Sloan.

Last night’s "Evening with the Bulls" was spectacular. Bulls’ players, staff, employees and fans turned out with proceeds benefiting the great work of Chicago Bulls Charities. Our organization is committed to giving back to those in need.  Many thanks to all those who put the event together. It was fabulous and a good time held by all.

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