Chuck Checks In: Celebrating a new era of Bulls basketball

The Bulls returned to the national stage with a successful 2021-22 season.
by Chuck Swirsky
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Bulls Nation:

A year of growth, challenges and a new era of Bulls basketball were all rolled into one unpredictable 21-22 season.

At one stage, the Bulls had 10 players dealing with COVID. In addition to the pandemic, the Bulls sustained significant injuries, arguably to their top three defensive players: Patrick Williams, Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso. It had an impact on the court but the resilient Bulls weathered the storm.

Bulls team huddle

The resilient Bulls fought through a ton of adversity on their way to a 46-36 season.

The Bulls found themselves tied for first in the Eastern Conference at the All-Star break but injuries, a demanding schedule and inconsistent play the second half of the season derailed their hopes of a top four seed.

This was a positive season for the Bulls. Period.

At the start of the season, if someone told me the Bulls would win 46 games and capture the sixth seed in the East, I would have said, " Sign me up." It was/is great to see the Bulls return to relevancy.

Led by Michael Reinsdorf, Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley the front office will be the guiding light preparing for next season. They bring intelligence, creativity and street smarts to the table.

Thank you to Head Coach Billy Donovan and his staff for their professionalism, assistance and kindness throughout the year. Coach Donovan is a fantastic person. He is thoughtful, kind, respectful and professional.

Thank you to the Bulls organization for another year of support and assistance. We have an incredible group, one I am extremely proud of. The women and men who pass through the United Center on a daily basis are among the finest in professional sports.

In every department, Bulls employees bring effort, energy and professionalism. I'll go through a brick wall for every employee regardless of department or years of service. I have a tremendous amount of regard for my brothers and sisters who show up each and every day and give of themselves selflessly for the betterment of the organization.

To our fans, season seat holders, corporate partners, sponsors and to those who work so very hard to save money to attend even one game , better days are ahead. The Bulls led the NBA in home attendance averaging 20,881. They also led the NBA in road attendance. I loved meeting so many of you prior to games whether it was in your seats or concourses. I always have time for our fans.

I flat out love Bulls Nation.

United Center home crowd

The Bulls led the NBA in home and road attendance.

My broadcast partner Bill Wennington is awesome and I feel so fortunate to call games with him. His insight, sense of humor and love of the game allows our chemistry to grow season after season. He is a fantastic person. Thank you to Alyssa Bergamini, Stephen Bardo, Robbie Hummel, Will Perdue and Zach Zaidman for their on-air participation this season.

Chuck Swirsky and Bill Wennington

Chuck Swirsky and Bill Wennington wrapped up a successful and exciting season of calling Bulls basketball.

Many thanks to the Bulls Communications staff led by Vice President Susan Goodenow. Our media relations department got me (us) through another season with gratitude to Tim Hallam, Beth Esler, Matt Yob, Kristen Deahl and Spencer Krock.

I can't say enough about 670 The Score and Program Manager Mitch Rosen. Mitch is fabulous, offering support and enthusiasm. Mitch is great, as is our wonderfully gifted engineer Rich Wyatt who brings attention to detail every game with a smile on his face. To the women and men at 670 The Score and the Bulls Radio Network who put the broadcast together on/off the air, thank you! You are very much appreciated. Many thanks to WBBM 780 for being there when we need you.

I love my job and love the game. I will never mail it in. Ever. You have my word. I have plenty left in the tank. My energy, focus and drive is at an all time high. I'm all in and all Bulls. 365. 24-7. This isn't a's a passion. I love the prep work. Love watching NBA games. Love everything. It's an honor and privilege broadcasting Bulls ball.

"CCI" will take a break but will return as we near the 2022 NBA Draft. Until then, blessings to you.

Reach out: or Twitter @ctsbulls All in. All Bulls. 365. 24-7. Always a pleasure. Go Bulls!


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