Chuck Checks In - 01.27.21

The Bulls are off until Saturday when they host Portland.

Wendell Carter Jr. will be re-evaluated in four weeks after an MRI confirmed a severe right quad contusion. This is a major setback for the third year pro from Duke who continues to battle through injuries in his brief career. The Bulls will learn a lot about Daniel Gafford's game in the ensuing weeks. Head Coach Billy Donovan plans to using an assortment of players to handle the center spot from Gafford to Lauri Markkanen to Thad Young.

I am stunned and saddened with the shocking passing of Turner Broadcasting's Sekou Smith, an accomplished writer and communicator. Sekou was universally admired and respected. His passion for the game was genuine and real. This is a huge loss for the NBA, especially those of us who personally knew him and called him a friend.

Last week legendary talk show host Larry King passed away. King also wrote a weekly column for USA Today that showcased King's opinions on everything from politics to sports. In honor of King's column I thought I'd dedicate today's CCI to him with a few thoughts on the Bulls and NBA.

I think my favorite Bulls uniform of the many variations they now wear is the MJ mid 80's version with the cursive " Chicago" on the front of the jersey. Simply put, it's a classic. I love the name of the city on the front of road team uniforms. Speaking of uniforms, it was so refreshing Monday night at the United Center to see the Bulls wearing red uniforms and the Celtics wearing their traditional white uniforms with green numbers and lettering. "Father Time" waits for no man but I sure do miss the days of Rose, Noah, Deng and company. Every time I see Taj Gibson's dunk on Dwayne Wade during the Bulls-Heat playoff series in 2011, I smile. Even Wade was impressed.

I think the media and fans need to give Coby White a chance to grow in to the point guard position. Monday marked his 82nd game as an NBA player. It amounts to be the equivalent of a full NBA regular season. He has 18 career starts. That's all. 18. Patience , please and thank you.

Tuesday marked the one year passing of Kobe Bryant and I still can't believe he's gone. Has anyone noticed what the Utah Jazz are doing? I vacillate on what team will come out of the Eastern Conference. With injuries and Covid protocols who really knows? I think the Pelicans are a better team than 5-10. Stephen Silas is doing a fantastic job leading the with the Rockets. The Grizzlies and Wizards have each played a league low 13 games. Brooklyn and NY have each played a league high 19. If healthy come mid-May, the Western Conference playoffs will be top heavy with the favorites being the Lakers, Clippers, Denver, Utah. If the 76ers win the Eastern Conference, Joel Embiid could win the MVP trophy. 27-11 and nearly three assists per night is impressive.


Atlanta 108, Los Angeles Clippers 99. LAC played with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Trae Young scored 38 for the Hawks as Atlanta ended the Clippers seven game win streak.

Houston 107, Washington 88. The Rockets' John Wall scored 24 points against his former team. In turn, Russell Westbrook had a 19-11-7 line against Houston. The Wizards backcourt of Westbrook and Bradley Beal committed a combined 11 turnovers.

Utah 108, New York 94. The streaking Jazz won their ninth straight. Rudy Gobert had 18 points, 19 rebounds and four blocked shots.

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