The Chicago Bulls' Most Memorable Games of the 2010s


May 14, 2013. Bulls beat Brooklyn 99-93. It wasn't for a title since there wouldn't be any in the decade or a chance to get to the Finals with Derrick Rose out for the season. But it was the game that defined what a team was about perhaps as much as any the Bulls ever played. Uncertain even about playing with plantar fasciitis, Joakim Noah led the Bulls to a Game 7 series road win over the Nets with 24 points, 14 rebounds and six blocks. Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng were out. Jimmy Butler played 48 minutes and the Bulls needed Daequan Cook and Marquis Teague. They'd go straight to Miami and win Game 1 before losing the next four.


April 27, 2013. Bulls beat Brooklyn 142-134 3OT. Nate Robinson could be annoying with his nonstop commentary, but with the Bulls about to go down 3-1 in the first round playoff series Robinson couldn't be stopped. He scored 12 straight points the last three minutes, 34 in all and 29 in the fourth quarter and overtime in a rollicking Bulls win that rivaled the arena reaction from the three-overtime victory over Boston in the 2009 playoffs.


May 8, 2015. Bulls beat Cleveland 99-96. It was the last chance to finally beat LeBron, and the Bulls looked like they had it with Derrick Rose three years after his horrific injury back in the starring role, scoring 30 points and making a game-winning three for the victory. It was the Bulls first game winner in the last seconds of a playoff game since Michael Jordan in Game 6 in 1998. It also was the first time a Bulls team had won two games over a James playoff team. But James' winner in Game 4 turned the series to six games for Cleveland.


December 25, 2011. Bulls beat Lakers 88-87. It was the premier game of the delayed 2011-12 season, the Christmas Day feature and Rose made a floater with five seconds left after a steal by Luol Deng and then a Deng block on Kobe Bryant's attempted winner as the Bulls rallied from an 11-point deficit in the last four minutes and scored the game's last seven points. It seemed this was a team ready for a championship.


January 3, 2016. Bulls beat Toronto 115-113. Jimmy Butler broke Michael Jordan's record for points in a half with 40 of his 42 in the second half including the three with 30 seconds left for the Bulls first lead in the half and then the game winning free throws. Butler would have a pair of 50-point games for the Bulls. But not against the level of opponent like the Raptors and in Toronto. It was the kind of game that established the onetime No. 30 draft pick among the league's elite.


March 6, 2011. Bulls beat Miami 87-86. Derrick Rose had 27 points, but it was Joakim Noah keeping a missed Luol Deng free throw rebound alive for Deng to make two for the winning margin. Deng kept LeBron James from scoring to end the game. The Bulls had tried to recruit Miami's Big Three the previous summer. But with the win the Bulls swept the season series from the Heat. The Bulls were even finishing a five-game road trip in the nationally televised Sunday game. Miami coach Erik Spoelstra afterward said Heat players were so upset many were crying in the locker room after the game in the best rivalry of the time.


Feb 28, 2013. Bulls beat Philadelphia 93-82. With Derrick Rose out for the season, Joakim Noah became the leader on offense and defense for the Bulls, his 23 points, 21 rebounds and 11 blocks triple double one of the amazing statistical games. This was the last incarnation of the 76ers trying to win for several years with Doug Collins as coach. The 76ers then spent the next five years throwing games for draft picks. Noah also considered it his private revenge as it was in Philadelphia where 76ers denizens cheered his sprained ankle in Game 3 of the ill-fated 2012 playoff series. Noah also led the Bulls with 21 points in an earlier season game in Philadelphia to further inflame their often repugnant fan base. Noah would add a 30/23 game that season in Detroit and rank among the best passing centers.


April 21, 2011. Bulls defeat Indiana 88-84. It was Rose with a driving winner with 17.8 seconds left to give the Bulls a 3-0 lead and enough to withstand and win the physical and brutal first round series in five games. Tyler Hansbrough, Jeff Foster and Josh McRoberts bordered on assault in a series most reminiscent of the Bulls and Pistons of the late 1980s. Rose had difficulty shooting all game until the Bulls needed a last basket and cleared out for the future MVP.


Nov. 23, 2019. Bulls beat Charlotte 116-115. It wasn't a particularly significant game if only to keep the Bulls from tumbling out of contention in November. But Zach LaVine had one of the most amazing shooting performances in NBA history, and not just the 13 threes to miss the record by one. He had to pick up a loose ball and sprint back to behind the three-point line reminiscent of Reggie Miller in the 1995 playoffs to make the game-winning shot. LaVine finished with 49 points as the Bulls made up a five-point deficit in the last 10 seconds and seven in the last 32 seconds.


January 10, 2018. Bulls defeat Knicks 122-119 in OT. Lauri Markkanen had 33 points with eight three pointers in his first game on the New York big stage, outplaying local favorite and much hyped Kristaps Porzingis and throwing down the huge dunk over seven footer Enes Kanter.