Bulls top NBA in attendance over the past decade

Team has highest NBA average attendance with 20,891 fans per game

October 28, 2009— According to a Street & Smith's Sports Business Daily article, the Chicago Bulls have led the league in attendance over the past decade. The Daily reported that in the 10 years following the departure of Michael Jordan, the team ranked first with an average attendance of 20,891 fans per game.

"This is a tremendous tribute to Bulls fans and a testament to their passion for the Chicago Bulls," said Steve Schanwald, who has served as Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the Chicago Bulls for the past 23 seasons. "We appreciate their great and unwavering support through thick and thin. We have always said that we have the greatest fans in the NBA and this proves it."

The NBA average over the past decade was 16,437 fans per game.

The chart below lists average attendance for NBA teams over the past ten years.

NBA average attendance: '99-00 through '08-09 season:

Team Attendence Team Attendence
Bulls 20,891 Clippers 16,548
Pistons 20,186 Kings 16,524
Spurs* 19,467 Nuggets 16,515
Knicks 19,311 Warriors 16,435
Jazz 19,234 T'Wolves 16,340
Mavericks* 19,186 Bucks 16,257
Lakers 18,934 Pacers 16,088
Raptors 18,553 Magic 15,470
Trail Blazers 18,422 Sonics*! 15,431
Heat 17,763 Nets 15,286
76ers 17,748 Rockets* 15,230
Suns 17,655 Hornets^ 15,129
Cavaliers 17,479 Bobcats*# 15,128
Wizards 17,461 Grizzlies*^^ 14,659
Celtics 16,860 Hawks 14,536

NOTES: * = Team opened new arena during past 10 seasons. ! = Sonics left to become the Oklahoma City Thunder for the '08-09 season. The Thunder averaged 18,704 fans per game last season. ^ = The Hornets moved to New Orleans for the '02-03 season. From '99-00 through '01-02, the Charlotte Hornets averaged 14,724 fans per game. # = The Bobcats began play in the '04-05 season. ^^ = The Grizzlies moved to Memphis for the '01-02 season. From '99-00 through '00-01, the Vancouver Grizzlies averaged 13,818 fans per game.

SOURCE: Sports Business Daily


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