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Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 7.10.2015

Given the Mavs deal fell apart with Jordan, what about some combination of Noah/Taj/Brooks for Chandler Parsons, Devin Harris and Stoudemire? We have to change something, right? Is management expecting the new coach to have a "Kerr-like" impact, resulting in this roster contending for a title? If so, they are delusional, and it's a disservice to keep putting a mediocre product out there. I like a lot of our players, but we just don't have enough. Now Cleveland (and Milwaukee) got better, and we're sticking to what we have? I feel like focus has been more on the bottom line than on winning for a very long time. Feels like you have to have a Cubs fan mentality of wait until next year, which is a tough one to swallow.
Roy Jain

Until something changes this is "The Bron's Age". With Kyrie and Kevin healthy and key reserves back they are once again a brick wall. Will the Bulls be able to overcome this year with a nearly identical roster? Do you foresee a possible trade before the season starts?
Mike Mikulice

I'm glad the Bulls are bringing back the old gang. I'm still very happy they didn't acquire Carmelo last year. You've got to have winners on your team and Carmelo just isn't a winner. I think there is an excellent chance that if the same kind of internal improvement occurs with Snell and McDermott as it did with Butler, the Bulls will challenge for the East title. Noah and Rose also rate to be better than last year. The team has a year of having played together. With Hoiberg in the locker room, the atmosphere ought to improve. Cleveland isn't going to be nearly as good as the media thinks. Prediction: Snell will emerge as the best bargain in basketball in 2016-2017.
William Kochneff

I noticed that Ben Gordon is currently a free agent so why haven’t the Bulls tried to sign him yet? We can always use more 3 pt shooting and he may even thrive under Hoiberg’s new offense. Ben Gordon should’ve have never left as ever since he did his career has been going downhill so he needs to come back to resurrect it once again.
Tom Choi

Do you think the Bulls might take a look at Ridnour on a minimum deal ? He’s a little bigger than Brooks shoots it better than Kirk.
Craig Chandler

Since the Bulls are bringing back the same team, why not add Dorrell Wright with the mid level exception? He's a good shooter and would be an upgrade over Snell and would ensure Butler isn't over worked. This would give the Bulls 5 wings to throw at the evil empire in Cleveland.Based on how these teams match up, the Bulls may be in trouble on the boards? Do we need more experienced muscle on the inside?
Stephen Fulton

With 'Melo not happy in New York and maybe dropping his no trade would the Bulls be interested? Jackson likes Noah.
Bob Ding

Why do you think there was such angry response from many fans when it was announced Hinrich exercised his player option. Granted, Kirk isn't the player he was ten years ago, but who is? When Rose is not in the game, Hinrich runs the offense better than any of the other backup point guards the Bulls have had over the past five to seven years. And while he has lost a step on defense, he still is more effective than the other backup point guards the Bulls have had on the roster over the years.
Wayne Valpo

The Bulls say they are looking for a guard. It doesn’t seem to me that there is much out there in the free-agent market. Does Nate Robinson have a chance? Do you think he would fill the bill as a combo guard?
David Thompson

Looks like Bulls mgt took the tack "can't fire the players, so we'll fire the coach". The talent is very much there. They need to remix. Noah is not a forward. In fact it's a disservice to him to play him there. He's at his best directing traffic on the defensive end under the basket. Figure out how to play him at center. Oh, bother. Please play faster on offense too. The grinding handoff game got really tedious. I did like Noah's crazy passes which were a great break, but I"m looking forward to seeing a few shots up before the shot clock gets below 5. No disrespect intended towards Thibodeau, who I think is a wonderful coach and whom I hope has lots of basketball success. He made the last five years of basketball a lot of fun to watch I will ever appreciate Thibodeau's ability to put together a second unit. That said, there's something to look forward to with Hoiberg if he's as advertised. I hope that he cuts Derrick Rose loose a little more and that Snell comes out of his shell. As well looking forward to seeing what Gasol can do in the new offense.
Pete Zievers

I saw a story on the Utah Jazz and their (good) use of the NBA Development League: It seems like a sensible model, and I wonder why the Bulls don't have a stronger relationship with the D-League. Is there a reason the Bulls have avoided this model? Do you foresee a more formalized relationship in future years, similar to baseball? If so, will this be a team-by-team change or a comprehensive approach by the NBA?
Nathan Eberline

What do you think of the opt-out and free agent signing of David West? My view: West and the Pacer leadership should have agreed to a trade, David Lee for David West. This leaves the Pacers with a lineup of George-Lee-Ellis-Hill-Stuckey to play small; David West gets his 12.6 million and has as good or BETTER chance to win a NBA championship with the Warriors.
Lawrence Bentley

What are the mavs plans now? Just try for that 8th seed?
Mike Sutera

I don't believe this is what happened with the DeAndre Jordan craziness but that situation did expose what could be used as a great if extremely underhanded free agency strategy in the future. Any time a star or borderline star player hits free agency but intends to return to his own team, the team and the player should conspire to have that player agree to sign with whatever the team's biggest rival is and tie up their hypothetical cap space throughout the signing moratorium period only to say "just kidding" on the last day and sign back with his original team. It's exactly what Jordan did, if not on purpose, but it's an amazingly effective way to hurt a rival team's ability to compete without breaking any rules.What if Jimmy Butler pretended he was signing with the Bucks until all the other good free agents committed to other teams and then revealed he was coming back to the Bulls? Just like that the Bucks have no Greg Monroe who would be in New York or L.A. or something by that point and no other players of a similar quality left to sign.
Cameron Watkins