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Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 6.19.2015

What do you think about Gasol playing euroball this summer? I think it is a bad idea. I know he had a career year, but lets be honest he looked worn down in the playoffs and I don't think adding more mileage is going to help the bulls. I don't think he is a good fit for what Hoiberg is going to implement, especially if its going to be a similar offensive system to the warriors. He played a ton of minutes. If we were to entertain a trade for Gasol what teams do you think might be interested. I think Minnesota might be interested to bring in some experience to the front court. I'm hearing the bulls are very interested in their Euro stash Nemanja Bjelica. How about Pau Gasol for the 31st pick + rights to Nemanja Bjelica.
Rocky Rosado

Do you think McDermott, Snell or anyone else from last season's Bulls roster will play on the summer league team this year?
Cameron Watkins

It took one of the best teams in NBA history (statistically speaking) to take down a Cavs’ team that was without 3 starters (if you include Varejao). First of all, I no longer feel so badly about the way the Bulls lost to them. But I’m trying to figure out how the Bulls – or anyone else in the East – are going to beat this team in the playoffs over the next several years if they get those guys back and stay healthy. Aside from injuries, do you realistically think the Bulls will be able to get past the Cavs prior to LeBron turning 35?
Christopher Prince

I've heard and read this and friends of mine in other cities have witnessed it too (regarding the Marc Stein ESPN story about LeBron being critical and dismissive of his coach). I know you like Lebron, but I think he's acted like a jerk to Blatt- a guy who is well liked and very respected. This isn't just Lebron being peevish with Spoelstra. Lebron hurt himself and his team all year with this.
Matt Adler

How surprised are you at this Wojnarowski article stating that Butler is most likely looking for a short term deal to capitalize on this cap increase? Sure it's his right, but wow I'm very surprised at the risk he's taking....especially considering he has had a first row seat to seeing D Rose's issue. Anyways, this could be better for us. I would rather get Butler on a cheaper short term deal than go full long term. It's becoming evidently clear his main focus is the most money possible, hanging out with stars in Europe etc...Very surprising. All I hope is that Gar/Pax and Reinsdorf learn from their mistake of not buying players when they are cheap. The leap he took was tremendous, but still.
Mario Persico

Having smaller players (6'9 or under) who can shoot and spread the floor, such as Golden State playing "positionless" basketball; Less and less big players want to play / develop post skills and focusing more on mid to outside shooting How will this impact the talent landscape and international competition? Especially considering that in the last world level competition we (US) won with only Davis and Faried as the reliable bigs.
Abram Bachtiar

Can they stop this BS that LBJ should get the MVP even if the warriors win. It's disgusting and should go to a player from the winning team.
Mike Sutera

I'd love to read your thoughts about what the Bulls are likely to do with their #22 pick in the draft. It's hard to see anyone picked that late getting playing time when you already have Niko, Tony Snell and Doug McDermott needing more minutes, and if I remember correctly, you've previously stated late picks like this have no real trade value. I'm also curious why Notre Dame standout Pat Connaughton is getting left off so many mock drafts, even in the second round. He seems to have a decent shot and plays hard nose defense, kind of reminiscent of the young Jerry Sloan. Is he just too slow?
Kirk Landers

When I heard Jim Boylen was joining Hoiberg's staff, I thought at first they were talking about former assistant coach Jim Boylan. Now that I realize it's a different person, I am wondering how he is. Coming from Pop's system, I'm sure he'll be good. I also see Adrian Griffin is joining Orlando. Is that because he believes that will be his best shot at becoming a head coach? For that matter, why is Boylen leaving the Spurs? Just trying to figure out why assistant coaches leave one team for another assistant coaching job.
Ateeq Ahmed