Ask Sam Mailbag: 12.9.16

Still like my prediction of winning 1st round of playoffs.
Rex Doty

Just an early observation about Robin Lopez. It seems clear that Hoiberg has settled into a rotation that doesn’t include Lopez playing many, if any 4th quarter minutes. It occurred to me that the Bulls seemed to have been a reasonably strong 1st quarter team and not a great 4th quarter team. Looking at some of the numbers, it shows the Bulls are in the top 5 in the league in 1st & 3rd quarter point differential and 27th in the 4th quarter differential. Now I’m not suggesting that he is the ‘difference maker’ but I wonder if he needs to see more playing time in the 4th quarters as the numbers suggest when he is on the court, the Bulls play well.
Andrew Robson

Jimmy Butler can't play a whole 48mins of a game, and expect us to win. He's going to get tired eventually.
Kieron Smith

Joakim Noah is shooting 7 for 27 at the line this season. Wow those #s are weird.
Bob Ding

Jeepers bring back the reserves in Doug & MCW please! As soon as we go to our bench at the moment without them it's like eeeeek! Just hope we don't kill our starters with extended minutes.
Andrew Brown

I am thinking if hawks continue to fall maybe they will have a fire sale. Maybe we could get a rental; notice Jordan Hill never plays with Minnesota. And by the way, the Clippers will win a ring when Malone comes back and wins one. Clippers are all bark and no bite.
Mike Sutera

He likely will take his opt out to become a free agent and cash in long term one more time. We know he has famous boating friends like Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James. The Cavs have no money going forward as their payroll is slightly more than Elyria’s. Anthony’s situation is interesting as with the back and forth lately with Phil Jackson and LeBron, Jackson and Carmelo, perhaps others say to rebuild around Porzingis. Anthony has a no trade. Are they trying to force him out now? There’s many possibilities there. Would Paul try to organize his buddies somewhere? Go with them? Bring them in with him? Perhaps there’s not great intrigue about the Finals, though there certainly will be about the offseason.

Is Mario Chalmers seriously injured? Why isn't anyone picking him up? He usually puts up pretty good numbers in limited minutes while playing respectable defense with quick hands. He's still only 30 and should be capable of contributing to any team nicely if healthy.
Bambi Choy

What are the Bulls doing with the d-league? They are constantly sending and calling up players. I don't see how this benefits any of the players. It would be much more beneficial to play against better talent (Bulls starters). You don't get better by playing worse players. If it's a punishment for lackluster play then it's obvious that the "young and talented" bench we were sold on is just young.
Matt Ruth

Is Bobby Portis coachable? The reason I ask is that he is very often out of position on defense. He does not seem to understand putting a body on an opponent to keep the opponent from getting an offensive rebound. He regularly commits senseless fouls. When Marcus Teague was not playing well he went to the D-League. Do you think Portis would benefit from a stint with the Windy City Bulls?
David Thompson

Maybe you can clear the Air on Jimmy Butler. I think Butler is having another All-Star year. I know a few people who still Dis-like Butler because they think the contract and success went to his head last year. I happen to be a Butler Fan and don’t understand why the hate? Sure, Butler handled some things the wrong way last season. No one else on the Bulls Man-Up(ed) on the team but Butler. Besides, He was the only bright spot in a lot of those games before the contract extension. While Rose-Noah-Deng Took their turns on the medical table ? What is the League’s / Media View of Butler? Is it more the way I think or the Haters ?
Randall Sanders

A lot of media guys are talking about Niko, Bobby and the Bulls bench struggles and lack of confidence. But when players get on the court and there is only one guy controlling and shooting the ball, it is difficult to build that confidence. Players like Niko needs to shoot to get their groove, not pass it all the time!. When Wade plays with the second unit, nobody except himself shoots the ball. The same with Jimmy. And no, I am not Niko writing here. Yes, you want to win, but this is also about the future, right?
William Blanco

What the heck is a Euro-step? I hear announcers talk about it all the time, but I’m not sure exactly what move their talking about. Help?
Art Alenik

Poor Spencer Dinwiddie. From one NBDL team to another.
Mike Queensworst