Ask Sam Mailbag: 12.2.16

Tony Snell is starting for the Bucks and they're probably going to make the playoffs this year after winning only 33 games a year ago. Snell did not start for the Bulls last year, in fact got very little quality court time, and the Bulls did not make the playoffs. And, I did predict two years ago that this would be Snell's breakout year. Just saying. Of course, there's a long way to go in the season, but maybe the Bucks knew what they were doing when they traded for Snell.
William Kochneff

What's up with the T'Wolves?! They were a lot of people's dark horse playoff contenders...
Matt Mikulice

Mirotic and Portis aren’t as good defensively as Lopez; Face it! Bulls won't be a solid unit, unless they can find a way to get centers who can block just as well(and no, I don't mean suddenly make Gibson a backup center either).
Kieron Smith

Is it just me or have the Bulls had the easiest schedule to start this season? Seems they have plenty of time off between games. It's like 4 days till the next Lakers game. I think we've had like 2 back to backs and it seems when we play teams, they are getting us off the back of their own back to back. Anyway I'm not complaining!
Andrew Brown

It's obvious the Bulls need something from Niko or Canaan on a consistent basis, especially with the current injuries. If these 2 continue to struggle, do you see them sending maybe Canaan down to the D league and promoting somebody if McD and MCW are still out a while? Do you see Niko as a mid-season trade if this continues? I know the guy needs a full season so I guess it is too early to abandon ship with Mirotic? Also, I notice there are not many quotes after games from Robin Lopez. Does he avoid reporters or not care for it much, or is he just not the guys reporters care to talk to since he is not as intriguing to hear from as others? The guy has been solid and better than I imagined when the Bulls traded for him.
Jon Kueper

I liked the last shot play in Denver too. If the bulls are in a last second spot in the playoffs it is certain the other teams coaches will be aware of the types of plays Hoiberg has run. In my opinion it will keep defenders honest in the future and it was a nice look regardless of whether it went in.
Jake Henry

No coach fired yet. I for one am shocked.
Mike Sutera

Odd question, but will the Bulls be wearing the old school red jerseys with Chicago written in the jersey any time this season??
Shaun Chalmer