Ask Sam Mailbag: 11.4.16

Is it just me or does this year's team look similar to Championship Bulls Teams?This Team is built each player similar in abilities and the way they play the game. The Bulls played the game different from the league then and continue again today.Taj earned the start spot at 4 and is a Grant/Rodman hybrid with all-around game. DWade is very similar game to His Airness and Butler looks like his new Pippen. Maybe we just got lucky in this Chemistry experiment or maybe there is a design.
Lawrence Joy

I could be wrong and will admit it. This clearly disqualifies me from a career in politics for which I am grateful. Watching the Bulls for their first 3 games is like a Twilight Zone episode. Who are these men? It is fun basketball after last years slog. It is most unexpected. I assumed that there would be ball sharing issues between Wade, Rajon and Butler. So far that assumption is plainly wrong. Ball movement is the best I have witnessed in years. 3 point shooting over 40% ? What is going on? Maybe that Holberg is a good fit, maybe Rondo is a genius in the floor, DWade a marksman and Jimmy happy to be here. I know it is only 3 games but really I think I might have been so wrong. And I am happy about it.
Greg Young

I absolutely loved the 2010/2011/2012 Bulls teams that finished number one in the East. Who would have thought that Taj Gibson would be the only remaining player still with the Bulls a short four years later?
William Kochneff

Now that I've ordered my tickets for the NBA finals, it's time to clear up the last two burning questions about the Bulls. Why does everyone refer to Rajon Rondo only by his last name? Everyone else on the team is referred to by their first name or a nickname much of the time, but not Mr. Rondo. 2. In your opinion, why did the Bulls opt for Michael Carter-Williams over Spencer Dinwiddie? It seemed to me that Dinwiddie was a capable defender--maybe not in MCW's class, but good--with a good jump shot and a willingness to keep the ball moving on offense.
Kirk Landers

I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised how good the Bulls have looked considering the new faces they have. Maybe they are one veteran guy off the bench short to really contend for top 4 spot in East, then again maybe they are fine as is? What I like is the depth! McDermott and Mirotic are the key guys off the bench, very young group which concerns me a little bit. MCW is really a good pick up, his defense on point guards has been impressive, really only saw him play when he played the Bulls. From the short sample I have seen I don't understand why Milw wanted him gone? He will score for the Bulls in a more efficient manner mainly because his points will be a bonus and not necessary. Portis will have to step up his play to get on the court it seems, not a lot of minutes available for the 5th big guy. Very good start to the season; very hopeful the ball movement continues, we just need to work on improving defense, especially against the three, though they are likely giving up garbage 3's because they have been ahead in most games so far.
Steve Fulton

Is Taj Gibson right now a better offense player for the Bulls than Grant was?

If Rose is on a better team, why are they losing. You should ask the TV commentators.
Kieron Smith

One thing stands out about the Bulls team so far. No Pau Gasol! I was getting tired of watching him get beat to the rim. Robin Lopez is an upgrade.
Chris Ragalie

It's early and the Bulls look crisp, fast, free flowing and everyone is playing well.(Fingers crossed) Well, almost everyone. What's going on with Portis? I actually haven't seen him enough to give an assessment on his play. Is he in the dog house? Is he practicing well? The Bulls have won handedly in last two games and seemingly, there should've been more minutes for him than what he got in those blow outs. Especially the Nets one where we controlled the game start to finish. I'm not the coach of course but this is a contradiction to what Gar proudly proclaimed in the pre game show of the opener that "we are still high on Portis!" Did I miss something?
Marcus Anderson

I'm hearing so much of "the bulls should do what the cubs did with rebuilding" scenario. I don't think that works in basketball- stars are typically born not built like baseball. Dwade is the real leader the bulls have been needing. Savy, smart and selfless- he seems to be the coach on the court. Weird how this team came together but it may actually work well. The East is still not very good except the top 3 teams.
Adnaan Hamid

You wrote that Taj Gibson said, "You see how Jimmy is running around smiling. He’s not mad right now. It’s been great and I’m loving it."That caught my attention.Is it a problem, or perhaps a sign of problems to come, that Gibson finds it noteworthy to point out that Butler isn't mad, as if he usually is and it's an issue?
Cameron Watkins

As we discussed over the last couple months, the key is the relationships they have formed, that were missing the last few years. Indiana free throw: Wade and coach talking and Wade was laughing with him. Much more chatter and smiles on the court. McDermott loving going to team dinners and going over to players homes Kind of similar to the Warrior’s footprint?
Rex Doty

Did Hinrich and Wade have a lot of dislike for one another? Could they have played together if Hinrich's body had held up and if they were both younger?
Jason Kuang