Ask Sam Mailbag: 11.30.18

I like how Jabari is starting to get his rhythm with this team. He’s even shown a little more competitiveness in his defense, although, no one was stopping the Greek Freak down low. I’d like to see how he does the rest of the season before judging him and his contract. As Lavine said, it took him over a year to get his athleticism back and game day conditioning. I think he’ll fit in nicely with the second unit and also during crunch time at small forward, facilitating the offense. I think when he gets tunnel visioned, like for a minute or two during second period against the Bucks, he needs to be reigned in, like Hoiberg did. It does show competitiveness though, and I like that. Do you think having come off the bench will effect his mood? Also, I do like the idea of Jabari at small forward as he has overpowered smaller players at the rim.

Elias Zimianitis

Did Jabari just have the yips of playing in his home town? Or has he finally played himself into shape, because the last few games he's looked like the player the Bulls thought they were getting, versus the beginning of the season when he was chucking threes at like a 20% clip and refusing to move. Now he's whipping passes and the 2 man game with Lavine is looking promising.
Ben Luke

Is it just me or has Carter's game fallen off a cliff lately? Yes I know he is only 19 and shown maturity and good moments for his age but he is constantly in foul trouble. Don’t go swiping when you are on 3+ fouls Wendell when in the first half. Pretty simple. Will be interesting to see how his game changes when the others come back and we are full strength. Will it be for better or worse. I’m hoping better as the others will draw attention and he may turn into a dunker around the basket for 10-12pts+ a game.
Andrew Brown

Do you really think Zach intended to shoot a 3 on that last play? Despite what he or anyone said after the game, here’s how that play looked: Zach set up at the top of the arc and waved everybody off. Seems like he wanted to isolate and drive to the hoop (the right play), but Wendell came skipping over to set a screen anyway. Zach waved him off. Wendell reacted slowly, shrugged and finally backed off. By that time, the opportunity was gone and Zach had to bail out with a 3. I believe Zach said what he did afterward to avoid saying, “I wanted to drive, but my teammates didn’t clear out and let me go.” On the other hand, Zach needs to work on his shot. Might be his legs, as many were short.
Art Alenik

Should the bulls make a push for Washington to give up Dwight Howard? I say it’s a good trade my friend say it’s not...Lopez/Holiday or Felicio and a draft for a few players for Washington...good or bad?
Robert Smith

Are you of the opinion, if Thibs did not have the belief that Derrick could perform at the level he’s been at for much of this season, and been in a position as a head coach and GM, that Derrick would probably be out of the league?
Carl Reynolds

I was looking the top 5 scorers of all time in the NBA, how higher do you think Lebron will finish his career? Kareem, Karl Malone, Kobe, Michael Jordan, LeBron 5th. LeBron is now about 7.000 points behind Kareem and less than 1,000 behind Jordan.
Alfonso Mendoza

What's with Hoiberg's fascination with Justin Holiday? He's getting so much playing time as if he's a part of the future of this team. Is he?
Jay Choi

Do you see the Bulls trying to go after Fultz? Considering his current low value and the need for shooting in Philly, a trade for Holiday who is not in the Bulls future plans might work for everybody. Fultz could use a change of scenery and given the uncertainty around Dunn's health, I think it's worth the try.

Alex Henriquet

Are we seeing encouraging signs with the depleted Bulls and Fred’s coaching?
John Petersen

It’s funny saying this but, the best thing that could have happened to the Bulls these past two seasons are the injuries. The Portis/Mirotic last year produced an all-Star in the Making in Markennen. The Portis/Dunn Injuries this season have allowed Wendell Carter to develop & learn. Ryan Arcidiacono is turning out to be a very nice back-up. Will the Bulls Re-Build will be much Faster than the “Trust the Process” In Philly?
Randall Sanders