Ask Sam Mailbag: 11.11.16

Now that Wade has had his emotional Miami game - with a win - I d appreciate you putting the idea out there in public that some Bulls loyalists like me see value in giving Dwayne a primary role- but coming off the bench. In the playoffs it's a different story. But players like Doug, Niko and Taj should step up to improve into the core future of the team - with Butler of course and Portis plus Felicio providing more frontline production.

When Wade starts the team becomes too dependent on Dwayne's ISO initiatives. As you said the Bulls have been following Wade's lead. I think too much. Doug needs to become an all star level player on both ends. Let Wade close out quarters and be a go to anchor in rough waters if the younger core is letting the game get out of hand. And end game closer of course: Butler and Wade can have that role. Starting Doug at two guard sometimes. Will give Wade rest and keep Wade fresh for the marquee games vs Cleveland, Boston, Charlotte, Atlanta, etc.
LongGiang Le

<pJust watching the way our our D has been playing this season - it seems like we are constantly giving up the open corner 3. I understand the help defense needed in the key to stop a drive, but there is usually a big in there to help - but we often have our wing player leave the shooter in the corner, and over commit to helping, then the easy dish to the corner is made, and we give up that open shot. I'm just wondering if this is bad defense, or a shot that the Bulls are consciously giving up.
Daniel George

How have you found Rondo's game to date? I loved when they signed him as I like that he is a true point guard and gets others involved. Like his defense too. His leadership as you have noted in recent articles is also what has impressed us all the most as he seems to have bought in.

However I've seen his assist numbers have seriously dropped. What do you think the reason is for that? The shooters aren't hitting? Or the inconsistency of results in that we have been blowing out teams or we have been blown out, which keeps his minutes down? Just hope we aren't seeing a little bit of the old Rondo starting to appear and he is getting disinterested.
Andrew Brown

I've written this same question to you at least two other times since McDermott came to the Bulls. As you and I agree, he is the best pure shooter on the team. So why is it that he gets so few shots. Either he's sitting in the corner waiting for the ball and it never comes, or the second he gets the ball he moves it on, or he drives (which, I admit, he's getting much better at). Is he a reluctant shooter? Is he afraid that his shot is going to be blocked if he's guarded? Are his teammates reluctant to find him? Why is it that other teams seem to be able to get open shots for their best three point shooters? Tell us what has to change so that we don't spend the season relying on Butler and Wade?
Michael Mezey

As a swiss person, seeing Thabo scoring 20 points vs ours Bulls is a very cruel moment. But my question is not about Thabo. My question is about Kirk Hinrich. I can’t believe he is not on an NBA roster this season. I agree he is old and was often injured, but he is a great leader and has so much experience to give. Plus, he has a irreproachable attitude off the field. There are so many young teams that are lacking that kind of leader; when will a team send a plane to his home to bring him back in the NBA?
Mathieu Ramseyer

I just wanted to know your opinion on something that happens throughout the regular season that may or may not be true. Tonight I've been watching the Spurs-Rockets game. It's not quite over yet, but throughout most of the fourth Ginobili had been guarding Harden. I think Harden got away with a few offensive fouls that they called on Ginobili. In the last two minutes Ginobili clearly flopped on a Harden drive which the refs originally called an offensive foul, then overturned it, and Harden shot two free throws and missed. Do you think guys ever intentionally miss free throws if they feel like they've been on the positive side of the officials throughout the game? I feel like I've seen it before a couple times where Lebron missed late free throws against the Bulls, and other times with other players and teams.
Rose Kelleher

Awhile back I wrote you about Anthony Davis possibly joining his hometown team and you basically blew it off. I stated that he would eventually get tired of putting up the numbers he has and not seeing much in terms of wins. When I wrote you he had just signed that new max deal and everyone was saying how he would be the best player in the league in about 2 years. Fast forward to now and with the start he's gotten off to and the Pelicans winless, the question has to be asked again, How long before he demands out of New Orleans? I know you probably going to say the Bulls don't have the assets to acquire him and New Orleans is not going to give him away, but soon they won't have much choice in the manner. I'm predicting this season he will start to express his unhappiness with the lack of winning and the front office not being able to get another star player to come and give him some help and demand a trade.
Carl Reynolds

After 3 straight losses I think you know the question. Let me guess your answer: we're not going to know what we have with this team until about the all star break?<br /
Guy Danilowitz

Is there any way the Bulls could get more out of Lopez in the post or is what we're seeing pretty much what we'll get all season. He seems to always rush his shot even when he gets a good look.
Rahul Chatterjee

If you really think about it Dewayne Dedmon is the Spurs' best defensive big. How far can they go with LA/Pau/Lee/Dedmon?

>And name the last Mavs young player that they developed who became good? Dont say Crowder. Josh Howard?

Would Wall ask out? He looks miserable. And you figure the Suns are bound to make Knight available with all those guards.
Mike Sutera

I was watching the Spurs and Rockets the other night and saw Pau didn’t play in the fourth quarter. He’s averaging about 22 minutes a game and I wondered how that was going to work with Aldridge, who plays perimeter big man like Pau, and in the West with those shooting big men. Pau as we know can shoot and rebound, but isn’t chasing around on defense, and less so at 36 and after another summer of international ball. They don’t have a cruise ship to stay on. Though it’s become habit for everyone to project the Spurs as serious contenders because, well, they’re the Spurs and everyone was wrong too much before, I think that do have issues. What works for them is with every good player in the West signing with the Warriors, the competition isn’t as deep as before.

Why is that when Mirotic shoots the threes, he's always shooting from a foot or two behind the arc? This isn't anything new but something he's been doing since he joined the team. It seems like a bad habit to me and why aren't the coaches doing anything about it?
Bambi Choy