Ask Sam Mailbag: 11.10.17

Markkanen looks like a great pick and Nwaba helped before the injury.  Valentine looks better while Zipser and Felicio seemed to have regressed or are not fast enough.  Dunn seems to be inconsistent but with a little promise as a defender, shooter and penetrator.  Grant belongs on another team but sadly needed until a decent starting point guard (maybe Dunn?) is identified.  If Lavine returns fully recovered, a Markkanen, Levine, Portis, Dunn, Newada, Lopez and Valentine core could be very interesting.  Perhaps a trade after January or a buyout is the best solution for Niko who just doesn’t fit for several reasons.  It’s early and the record is 2 and 7 but your thoughts would be appreciated.

John Petersen

What do you think will finally happen in the Portis/Mitotic situation ?. Portis has and served his suspension. Mirotic does not seem to want to bury the hatchet. Portis had a pretty good game against Toronto. I’m hearing Mirotic wants out of his contract if the Bulls keep Portis (Which they have by picking up the option). Mirotic is in no position to make an either him or Me demand. At least Portis had a good start for that same reason alone (trade). Mirotic needs to be the same professional about the matter. Come back. Play hard and create value for himself.

Randall Sanders

Jrue Holiday and Justin Holiday

Jerian Grant, Justin Holiday and Robin Lopez all starters and all have brothers who play in the nba - surely that must be some sort of record!

Guy Danilowitz

So far I like Markkanen, Holiday, Lopez, Nwaba, Dunn as a lineup.
When Lavine gets back:  Markkanen, Holiday, Lopez, Lavine, Dunn.
Do you think Hoiberg will eventually settle on a lineup or will they keep experimenting?
It's nice to get Portis back too.

Victor Devaldivielso

Luol Deng of the Los Angeles Lakers

Did you see about Luol Deng maybe seeking a buyout?

Mike Sutera

Your thoughts on the Bledsoe deal to Milwaukee? Not a bad deal for Phoenix as they get a big man. Monroe was just starting next to Drummond in Detroit a few years ago and both of them averaged double figure points and rebounds. I think a great fit at the power forward slot for Phoenix. He can play the center spot as well. Bledsoe is a guy that can put up 20/5/5 but don't the Bucks already have guards? He should be a scoring boost but do you start him over last season's rookie of the year?

Tom Plonowski

Detlef Schrempf of the Seattle Supersonics

Fair Markkanen comp: Detlef Schrempf? More realistic than people thinking he’s Dirk.

Lee DiBiasio