Ask Sam Mailbag: 10.7.2016

Wow Bulls lost (two). I thought they'd play harder than that. I think they need more spark.
Ryan Carpel

That was a fun game last night to watch, wasn't it? Good or bad, these Bulls could at least present a very entertaining team to watch.
William Kochneff

Can the Bulls afford to keep Lopez/Gibson together? As defensive as those two are, the Bulls would be dumb to separate them (after all, you can't expect miracle blocks from Doug McDermott this season if he plays power).
Kieron Smith

I know the Bulls won't, but if for some reason Noel became available for the right price, would the Bulls pursue? In a perfect world, we could let go of Mirotic/Pick for Noel.
Mario Persico

If Bosh manages to get an "all clear" medically, what are the chances of the Bulls landing him? We wouldn't have to pay much because he would sort of lose that leverage. He already is paid out from Miami contract, so money seemingly wouldn't be an issue. He wants to play again, but likely not for a non contender. I can only see him playing with James or Wade. What do you think is in his future?
Marcus Anderson

I was just blown away by Derrick Rose saying he was more excited this season in New York then he has been for years! What the ****! After all the money and fame Chicago gave him, and it being his hometown, how could he not of been more excited than to serve his own! I have never been a fan of New York and I am glad that he's there now! Don't wish him any bad but can't wish him any good either.
Rex Doty

Speaking of Rondo… He’ll be quite a change from Derrick Rose. Rose has talent, but he’s never had the point-guard skills or court-sense I associate with the great ones. Rondo is nowhere near the athlete that Rose is, but he sees the court and finds the open man and is usually the smartest player on the floor. That’s what a point-guard should be. I also think I understand Rondo’s reputation. It’s not authority that he can’t deal with, it’s authoritarians. I think he’ll do whatever you want, as long as you can make him see it’s a smart move. I’m a lot like that, and some folks find me ‘difficult’ too.

Overall, I’m excited that we’re starting something new. I miss Noah already, but I have to admit I’m relieved to be rid of Rose’s baggage. No ill feelings toward Derrick, but I’m happier to have the guy who led the league in assists.

Art Alenik