Ask Sam Mailbag: 10.21.16

I think they should have let MCW wear #1. It's not retired or anything. It's not like we'll always remember Rose and how he led the Bulls to become... slightly above average.
Art Alenik

Apparently Carter-Williams has a team option for the 17/18 season which the Bulls must exercise or decline by 10-31 of this year. That gives the Bulls two full weeks to do an evaluation and decide if the option exercise makes sense. Perhaps it’s overly optimistic but at the age of 25, Carter-Williams might be an excellent long term addition to the team. The option exercise for 17/18 would also provide some protection given Rondo’s contract and perhaps creates some trade value. He is a great addition and it’s absolutely astounding he was available for Snell. Carter-Williams was refreshingly articulate in his initial media interviews and smartly sensitive to the #1/Rose uniform number. If he looks good these next two weeks, the Bulls should exercise the option rather than allow him to become a free agent at the end of this season. Your views?
John Petersen

Don’t understand the Snell /Micheal Carter Williams trade from the Bulls standpoint. Great move for Snell. He should get more playing time with the Bucks. Bulls Have a Log-Jam of Guards who are not known for 3-Point shooting. I guess this move puts McBuckets rotating from the back-up 2 & 3 Spots (Same with Valentine).
Randall Sanders

I really like this trade! I was a big fan of Tony and wish him the best. In the right situation I think he is good enough to be that 3-and-D wing that teams want. Hopefully he impresses Kidd right away and earns quality minutes. But MCW, really!? He's a stud! I see him averaging over 20 mpg for us as the primary guard after Wade and Rondo. Who cares that he's not a tremendous shooter. The squad he will be tasked with leading is perfectly designed to be run by him.

MCW, Canaan, McD, Mirotic, Felicio 3 amazing shooters and a traditional big rebounding. New bench mob? I guess we should have trusted the process?
Matthew Mikulice

Is this the first bull in history with a hyphenated last name?
Ryan Carpel

Back in the early championship years, the Bulls always tried to set up Bill Cartwright for early baskets, often short baseline jumpers. I don't recall the Bulls trying to do that since. Is there any player on the Bulls current team that needs to get going early? I was happy to see Lopez rattle one in to start off the Bulls scoring (Monday). If he could just score 10-12 per night, it seems like it would be a boon for the offense. Do the Bulls need to open up the outside by establishing themselves inside or vice versa?
William Kochneff

It's great to have a veteran like Dwade on team. Professional, savy, and from a winning culture. His ability to speak to the media is especially refreshing with his insight on the big three in Miami. Is this veteran leadership from Dwade is something that was missing last year? He is clearly not afraid to speak his mind. How do you think he will tolerate the losing at this point in his career?
Adnaan Hamid

What’s this nonsense about Spurs and Pop not being high on LA anymore? I doubt it.
Mike Sutera

Through the years we've seen players come and go, but I've been intrigued on several occasions about 3 young big men players in the last 10 years, one of those players I thought had no heart, he had court presence for 5 years but something was missing from the very start of his career. Unlike Manute Bol this guy looked like a basketball player, but there was no life in him. As a former high school principal I've noticed many athletes stumble in the maturation process, many of them have never quite matured. Today I read an article about a muscular guy named Hasheem Thabeet, working under no nonsense strength trainer Frank Matrisciano and Milt Newton former NBA player, general manager, who played with Danny Manning. They believe that he has what it takes and they are betting their reputations that he has heart and what it takes to successfully resume his career. I think this young man is finally NBA ready and the Chicago Bulls need to consider him. They have 15 signed players but not a center like this man.
Pen Wit

With Elton Brand announcing his retirement, are there any stories or memories you want to share from his early days with the Bulls?
Cameron Watkins