Ask Sam Mailbag: 06.01.18

JR, never change my friend, never change

Mike Sutera

I have no doubt that LeBron will be the most valuable player to either team in the Finals. What's the chance he could be picked MVP if the Cavs lose? Ever been done before?

Al Alenico

I think (Boston) fell in love with the arc and expected them to start falling again ‘any minute now'. They should have won the game, and they might have, with a better plan. Should have run the offense through Horford. He was doing fine in the post & he's a good passer; would have opened things up for their shooters as well. Stevens is young. I still think he's a good coach, but he'll need to learn from this one. Great game by LeBron, but Boston might have overcome that by going to the hoop.

Art Alenik

Now that the Rockets are out after having gone through a remarkable regular season what changes do you see coming to the Rockets? It seems like they have these all-stars in Harden and Paul and then overpriced pieces that somewhat don't fit in on that team such as Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, and Trevor Ariza.

Last season's draft...it was the Bulls' Butler on the move north to Minneapolis.
Do you see any potential All-Stars headed for a lottery team on draft day ?
Kemba Walker? John Wall? Andre Drummond? Carmelo Anthony? DeMar DeRozan?
And ESPN had a mock draft live on TV".

  1. Ayton
  2. Doncic
  3. Jackson
  4. Bagley
  5. Bamba
  6. Carter
  7. Trae Young

I almost feel as it the top 5 are set in stone however I do think that there will be some interest in having Memphis (4) deal the pick and that's something that ESPN has also rumored.

Tom Plonowski

So another finals loss for LBJ. MJ will be happy. For the LBJ era in Cleveland all it resulted in was one title. Kinda disappointing.

Bob Ding

Jordan Bell? Yeah, i would do that deal all over again, a guy who just stands there on offense afraid to do anything. And how about that Celtics game? Nate Robinson, oops. Rozier, killing them. So keep Smart? I'd draft Brunson. They have a lot of questions regarding the PG spot. Would keep Rozier as backup to Kyrie and let Smart walk and draft a pg and groom him to be the eventual backup. Kyries knees the biggest issue. Maybe sign Rose on the cheap?

Bob Suter

Just read your article on the three big men (Wendell Carter, Jackson & Bamba ). All three of the players seem to be a nice fit for the Bulls which leads me to my question. If you were the GM, If all three players happen to be available when the Bulls select at 7th, Which would you choose ?

Randall Sanders

So... Mikal Bridges... is he better than Tony Snell? Rodney Hood? I
worry that he is Tony Snell, Part 2. Tell me I'm wrong please! would you go one of the PG over Bamba? Cant figure out Bambas fit as a "modern center".

Joshua Levin

I totally agree with Toronto over the firing of the coach. Here the Raptors were the #1 seed heading into the playoffs, and in none of their games did they offer up a challenge to Cleveland.

Kieron Smith

Do you think that the breakout of Joel Embiid and the threat of what may come will cause teams in the east to go after a player like Mo Bamba? Will they look at him as a must have to matchup with him for years to come or is it still a wing dominated league?

Steve Schnakenberg

Would you do this deal?
Lonzo Ball and Luol Deng For Mike Conley?
So: Conley, George, Ingram, Randall

Bob Queen

How do you think Pistol would perform under modern rules? Three point line and no hand checking.

Adnaan Hamid

What are your thoughts on the Bulls signing Donte Ingram post draft to the Windy City Bulls as a 2-way player? After watching Loyola's magical run he hit the big 3 to beat the Miami Hurricanes. He has a 41 percent 3-point average and looks like an Nba player at 6"6. I doubt he gets drafted but could see him as a real diamond in the rough. In the potential mold of a Nwaba/Blakeney.

Ryan Carpel