Ask Sam Mailbag: 05.25.18

To me, the 7th pick for the Bulls is a conundrum, wrapped in an enigma, surrounded by uncertainty. I'm very glad I am not on the clock. I enjoy the folks who have this figured out, but they must be referring to the top 3 because after that 4-10: yikes. I read your column on Young (no relation) and became intrigued. I was originally thinking no on a guard but the bigs, while seemingly safe, appear uninspiring. Young can either go Jimmer or Steph but probably not in between. Is it worth the risk? Do we need another serviceable big? Yes. Again, glad it is not my call and without the benefit of hindsight I would not be against either direction. An interesting season is followed up by an interesting draft option. I will rely on the certainty of your readers as they figure this out for us.

Greg Young

1st pick needs to be Knox or Porter IF he's healthy, then Dontae D from Villanova with the New Orleans pick. Leave the big guys alone! I like Mikal Bridges I just don't think he has as much upside as Knox. We need wings that can score to compete against Boston and Philadelphia. Now if you can trade both picks and get Ayton? I'm all in on that!

Stephen Fulton

I think the bulls should be able to get two really good players. The two guys I'm looking at is C-Mo Bamba (7' w/7'11 wingspan) and PG/SG Grayson Allen (6'3" w/6'7" wingspan) sneaky athlete. I think both young players would be able to provide an impact immediately. Also, I think bulls need to explore trading one of their point guards and big man.

Rocky Rosado

Bulls need Doncic to somehow fall to 7. I think he fits their team perfectly. Doncic, Porter JR or Bamba would be nice additions. Well Doncic just lowered his draft stock!! Not sure by how much though. He announced he's not sure if he's coming to the NBA this year. Is he avoiding Sacramento? I hope he lasts until 7 and the Bulls can pick him.

Victor Devaldivielso

I liked Porter's interview. He seemed more relaxed and less “on script” than the rest, also supremely confident and eager to show everybody. And he was smart enough to add that he'll be a humble rookie and do whatever his coach asks. If he works out well and is still around at #7 (alas, and unlikely combination) I'd be very tempted. I'll say this; I like Trae better than Wendell Carter. I don't see Carter as another Horford – not as agile and not as smart. I'm also not impressed with how he took a back seat to Bagley at Duke.

I guess it's good that he's no prima donna, but at #7, I'd rather have a guy who wanted to be the top dog and tried to be better than Bagley. Coachability & flexibility are good, but I also want a guy with ambition; someone like Trae, who doesn't just want to make the team, but make his mark in the NBA. I could be wrong about Carter too. But if he's the only big left at #7, I'd take a pass if Trae is there and if not I'd pick a Bridges. I'm just glad it's not my call.

Art Alenik

The Bulls should definitely go for the jackpot and over the nice profit even if doing so comes with the risk of busting out. Of course it's easy for me to say as my job's not at stake. But I'm arguing they should take the player with the high upside because they are in the relatively early stages of a rebuild. They are not going to be a top-five team either way this coming season so take a chance on getting a star. You need stars to win it all. Back in '06 they took Tyrus Thomas when they already had a pretty solid core and were a winning team. That would've been the time to limit risks and take a nice profit (Aldridge). My fear is they go for the low-ceiling sure thing now because the team needs to win. I see your point that they're not at the beginning of the rebuild due to Markkanen, Lavine and Dunn. But they're much closer to the start than the finish. I'm intrigued by Porter Jr. like everyone else, but it's hard to see the Bulls going for building around two big men under the age of 22 who both have back problems already. That seems like too big of a risk for the way the Bulls make decisions and with the trauma of Rose's situation in the rear-view mirror. I'd like to see them get Bamba but am guessing he'll be gone by then.

Cameron Watkins

Apparently the Clips would like to move up in the draft as well as others. It's difficult for me to support a 12 & 13 pick for the Bulls # 7 but what is your view?

John Petersen

Are the reports true the Bulls have a promise to a player, Chandler Hutchinson? Probably sparked by a leak from his agent to attract other teams. I thought it seemed odd. Never saw this kind of promise in my life.

Ryan Carpel

There was a story on NBA free agents who need a change of scenery, like Alex Len, Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, Rodney Hood, Mario Hezonja. Any?

Mike Sutera

I'm interested in your thoughts on next season for the Bulls. I see our biggest need of development and taking the next step for Dunn, LaVine and Markkanen. Whilst I'm interested in the draft and hope we can get a strong wing at 7 and a diamond in the rough Center at 22 it's really all about those 3. In your opinion what's our greatest need?

Mike Burling

If the situation between Karl-Anthony Towns and Tom Thibodeau reaches a point of no-return, Adrian Wojnarowski said he believes ownership would side with Towns.

Bob Ding

The playoffs just got exciting! (1st game in the Conf. Finals that wasn't decided early. Fun to watch!

Art Alnico

Danny Ainge's trade with Philadelphia giving up Futz and taking Tatum 3rd plus Philadelphia's pick indicates he knew something others, certainly Philadelphia, missed. It appears to me that Ainge, his scouting staff or something in the Boston organization is noticeably better than the rest of the league.

Bruce Roberts

Did you hear comments on ESPN about the Bulls rebuild? They see it lasting 5 or more years. I totally disagree because, the Bulls have a couple of good pieces right now to start with (Markannen – Dunn – Zak ). You have a couple of good pieces Off the Bench (Portis & Valentine). You have the picks next month which should land us another addition. They will have cap space for the Summer of 2019 and a much better picture of who to go after once everyone plays together another season. I don't see a championship contending team in two years but, I do see a playoff team able to advance.

Randall Sanders

In the 83-84 season, Reggie Theus' average dropped 9 points a game from last season's average of 24 along with 4 rebounds and 6 assists. His minutes also dropped to 20 minutes...what was the cause of this drop in play and performance ? Theus had been a 20/6/4 ball player for many seasons with the Bulls as their starting shooting guard. Had it not been that struggling season that led him to his trade to Sacramento would the Bulls have chosen to stay with Reggie as their starting shooting guard rather than draft Michael Jordan?

Tom Plonowski