Ask Sam Mailbag: 05.12.17

I personally would like to see Rondo, Butler, Zipser, Portis and Lopez as the starting 5 with Wade running the bench unit. The summer will be interesting and it's all about who's committed to put the work in. Butler worked his tail off to get where he is. If Portis, Zipser, and Valentine are willing to put in the work, I think they will really help the Bulls next season. Do you see Valentine as more of a PG or SG?
Billy Habibi

I've been told I am loyal and would like good things to happen to our former guys. I don't see this happening, but could a move to the Spurs be a good one for Rose? If he were to take a contract that is lighter now that they need a point guard and he wants to win could it be done? I know they want Mills with the injury issues so eventually, they will have lots of players if all healthy. I just think if a healthy backcourt and Rose buys into that system they could be a huge winner and he would see success as part of the team's success.

As for Taj Gibson, I wonder if he could bring a good veteran defensive presence to the Timberwolves? Thibs wants this type of play and the talent was there but seems to lack in the effort last season. Yes, they're years away from a championship, but he could bring a veteran mentorship that could help mold them in ways aiding the growth of the Thib's team aiding their chances of breaking into a playoff team.
Kevin Franzen

I have a hunch Wade is leaving, perhaps to return to Miami. That, combined with the terms of the new CBA, would give the Bulls plenty of cap space. What would you think of going after Gordon Hayward? He is a Midwestern guy and fits the profile of “younger and more athletic” that Hoiberg says he wants. Would his game be compatible with Butler’s? Wouldn’t he and Rondo together be a good combo?
David Thompson

I think it'll be one-sided with the Warriors sliding by the Spurs. I doubt this will become a 7-game series, and I doubt Spurs will be in the finals versus the Cavs. I'm that sick of the Warriors because Durant is there now and shouldn't be... Houston would've beaten the Spurs if he signed with them.
Kieron Smith

I can see ATL offering Dwight everywhere this draft. And are the Raptors going to completely blow it up or just let Kyle and Ibaka walk and try and build around DD?
Mike Sutera

Is that John Lucas II on the Houston Rockets' staff? I must say he still looks the same. Then again, he looked old even in his playing days. What's his story? He wasn't the most talented PG but once played like he was. Substance abuse, going from coaching a great SA team to a terrible PHI team, playing tennis, life coaching, etc. etc...
Jay Choi

The Clippers are supposedly out to get Carmelo Anthony for a package around Austin Rivers, J.J. Redick, and Wesley Johnson. I get what the Clippers are trying to do by surrounding Paul with another superstar in his 30's also on the downfall. It's a final opportunity for Paul to make something happen in LAC. I think you'll see Paul pick up his option as will Griffin. A lineup of Jordan-Griffin-Anthony-shooting guard-Paul is not bad at all.
Tom Plonowski

Some writers have mocked Justin Patton to the Bulls already. After what happened with the Bears and many fans disappointed in the Trubisky pick, I don't even want to think what the Bulls might do. I think you could do worse than Patton. A center whose athletic and can shoot was one of the missing pieces for the team in the Boston series when Lopez needed a break. Also if the Bulls analyze their season well in full, they should notice that they were vulnerable all season to athletic or good centers (Nokic in Denver, Giannis, Aldridge, Brook Lopez etc.). So, they need to build for the future at that spot. Finding a free agent wing or guard usually is easier to find on the market than a great center. Patton may turn out special.
LongGiang Le

Enjoying the playoffs? Hah. I have only been watching the Wizards/Celtics series.
Bob Ding