Ask Sam Mailbag: 04.20.18

You should trade these 2 garbage first round picks to San Antonio for Leonard. The odds are high the picks will be garbage. A number 8 and 18 ain't gonna produce Michael Jordan. Think about it go for something proven. That would basically true up the Jimmy Butler trade for the Bulls.

This lineup would be awesome:

  • Dunn
  • Levine
  • Leonard
  • Markkanen

Ryan Carpel

Kawhi for Wall? Rare that two teams both want to trade all-star/superstar level talent. Might be able to get something of similar value to Kawhi.

Aaron Weinger

If we pick 1, 2 or 3, then I'm looking for a star. Sixth or later, I just want a good player who will eventually be a starter. With luck, you may find a future star (like Butler). Of course, you might find a Donovan Mitchell too, if you're smarter than the other GMs. But you can't count on that.

If Porter is still there, I'm glad it's not my call – big risk/reward scenario.

I'm conflicted about Trae Young. Scores lots of points, but shooting % is not so hot. Similar with passing – very nice 8.7 assists/game, but also 5.8 TO's. Seems like he's productive, but not very efficient. Watched some film; He has moves (like Steph, sort'a) and can shoot the ball, but he's also tiny. Really don't know how he'll end up.

Art Alenik

Just watched Rockets - Wolves Game 1. Wow. That kid is something else! No, not the bearded one. They were telling him to retire more than once this season. He has a bone spur in his ankle. LeBron kept Josè Calderon over him. They were mad at Thibs in Minnesota for signing him. He twisted his ankle again a couple weeks ago. Then come the playoffs and he's out there playing significant minutes, guarding the league MVP and getting buckets. Derrick Rose has dropped our jaws a lot, but this game is near the top of my list. With all the adversity that always seems to hit him, I really don't know how he keeps fighting through it. I see why Thibs is praising him now more than when he was MVP. Where would you rank this game among your top D-Rose moments?

Cosimo Sarti

The math of the three point shot is understood but yet there are times when that focus actually seems too boring to watch. Yes, Curry and a few others are extraordinary and their skills are acknowledged while positional rebounding slides. But, has the focus on the three point shot swung too far for the more typical team? There is a certain excitement about using the clock, searching for mismatches or the great pass for an easy two point score. It's fun to watch Lauri as he can be diversified in his attack. Working inside has value in creating space for the three. At some time if the percentage of made two point shots increases with an occasional foul kicker it should increase to equate or exceed the three point math. Hopefully there is an adjustment that will occur.

John Petersen

There's this report that the Bucks are blaming Jabari and that he's jealous of the Greek Freak. Didn't they offer him $18 million?

Bob Ding

So Wade's (Game 2) night is not a huge surprise to me, that's what they playoffs are about, but don't think we will see too much more from him. How about Rondo? Made for the playoffs? He had the Bulls up 2 games on Boston last year and now he's a big part of the Pelicans hot start, will be interesting to see if that continues, but good for him. I don't think I gave his game enough respect when he was on Boston but once I saw his effect on the Bulls I see why a team can grow with him there.

Jon Kueper

Playoff Rondo is undefeated in his last 5 playoff games. Do you think we would have made it to the conference finals last year if he didn't get hurt ?

Gorav Raheja

You need a big shot and the 76ers Simmons is such a liability. Doesnt want to shoot. Simmons cant shoot the 3 like Dunn, but at least Dunn has a mid range J. Simmons has nothing. Cant attack all the time in the slower half court playoff game. Don't get me wrong. Simmons is amazing, i am just saying even Dunn who doesnt shoot 3s well at least has a decent midrange game. Simmons has neither.

Mike Sutera

I haven't counted, but there sure to seem to be a lot of ex Bull players in the playoffs. Mirotic, Belinelli, Crawford, Wade, Butler, Gibson, Rose, Rondo, Gasol, Johnson, just to name a few that come to mind.

William Kochneff