Ask Sam Mailbag: 03.31.17

Cavaliers stink!

OK - not exactly but they are a very questionable team.
The Bulls can make a run at the ECF next year. Find that center - get Jimmy & Wade healthy.... Rondo, Mirotic....
LongGiang Le

Are the TNTBULLS a real thing? How would you compare them to the Jordan era?
Gorav Raheja

So if GarPax was offered a 1st rounder for Niko, would they still take it?
Guy Danilowitz

I loved watching Joakim Noah. The energy, desire, fun, skill, love, and rare passion he brought to the Bulls. Very few leaders like that. Joakim was one of the few athletes that seemed to understand the moment and appreciated it. His love of winning and joy I think kept him in a college an extra year. So while he got I assume a lucky big last payday, I really feel for him.

How difficult it must be to be so significant to your team, growing and getting better as a player only to see such a health-related decline by your eight year. Then your career to your NBA team come to an end.

Pro athletes with heart like Jokim must have such a tough time adjusting to how fast things transpire. They know their livelihood can be lost quickly at any time, it much be such a blow to someone like Noah. I was saddened to hear this week's suspension of 20 games. His is a case where if he did try to get better faster, I could see why.

What do you think his mindset is now not playing and being on a somewhat dysfunctional team? I don't see him hanging on being an insignificant part of a championship team. Do you see him coaching or broadcasting post NBA?
Jeff Lichtenstein

Enough already. Apparently the Bulls have the talent to be competitive with the top teams in the league. The bottom 5, not so much. The losing to the Sixers and then beating the Bucks, a variation that has happened all year, is difficult to comprehend. I don’t believe the Bulls have the talent to compete nightly as currently constructed. But what I would like to know is what magic potions are used against the top teams? Pride? You would think that losing to the Sixers would not be tolerated. Everybody gets up against the best, but the bottom dwellers or tankers as they are now called require pride as well.

I think this represents an organizational issue. Who knew this was this complicated?
Greg Young

Ricky Rubio is on a tear in the 2nd half of the season. Bet Stan regrets not dealing reggie for him when he had the chance.
Mike Sutera

I was watching something the other day that was talking about an analytics website predicting the chances of each team winning the NBA championship at this point. They had the Cavaliers at 2% and about 6 other teams ahead of them! Two percent! This kind of prediction machine makes these statistic guys sound nuts and is why so many old school people hate it. I mean, why would the show I was watching even put up this prediction, what a joke! It's just silly to put a stat like that right now, just like it was silly when they had the Bulls chances to make the playoffs earlier in the year at like 90%, boy are these predictions just a waste.
Jon Kueper

Bulls are fighting now for the final spot in the East. Do you think the Bulls will get in? With all the reports & stories out that the Bulls have no direction, didn’t Pax say he was building “with” Jimmy Butler? Is that the same is saying we are Building around Jimmy? Or does the term (with) mean the Bulls will either build with him on the team or will use him as a chip to build if the right deal comes along.
Randall Sanders

Had the Pacers as the #2 in the East prior to the season. Boy was I wrong.

Teague was a horrible fit and I feel bad for whoever pays him next. Young has been disappointing as well. Al Jefferson can no longer score enough to distract you from the horrible D and no rebounding. Ellis well his best days ended a few years ago.
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