Ask Sam Mailbag: 04.28.17

I’ve seen exactly what Fred was complaining about… But I didn’t realize quite how bad it is until I saw a guy break it down in slo-mo.

It's much worse than Iverson! It’s really blatant and clearly illegal. At times, he’s running with the ball in both hands. Fred has a very good point!
Art Alenik

What is wrong with everybody!? Fred gets knocked for being passive. He's not passive, he's cerebral. He's also nice. Big deal! Now that he took a stand, made a comment, (By the way, yes Isaiah travels alot!) he is getting blasted by the media. What the heck, give the guy a break!

He's been dealt some poorly built teams the last 2 seasons, I still think he is doing a good job.
Matthew Mikulice

I don't really care what the stats say, I know Wade almost a triple-double and Jimmy scoring in the 20s, I just think this 3 game losing streak is on them as it should be, besides of course the terrible luck with Rondo. I see Wade not boxing out and not getting back on defense. I don't think you question his intentions but looks like he is ready for vacation these days. I see both Butler and Wade taking silly shots, even earlier in the shot clock when they have time to share the ball. When the series gets tight, you got to depend on your best and Butler is the all-star and Wade was brought here for the playoffs as much as anything. I know Niko is cold, Grant and MCW did nothing and Felicio is getting abused on defense, but it ultimately comes down to your 2 alphas and how they run the team. They need to figure it out quick as they can still get it together for 1 game at home and we all know how game 7's work, anyone's game. Really just wish we could have seen a healthy Rondo the entire series though.
Jon Kueper

Considering Butler is supposed to be the franchise player -- and he wanted this --I believe his performance without Rondo has been poor. He averaged 14 pts in last 2 games in Boston and went to the free throw line once -- and missed. In game 4 he made 19 free throws, which, basically, was what allowed him to score more than 14 pts. He needs to be aggressive from the beginning and work harder in trying to carry this team. He is behaving like he is just another regular guy and is being owned by Bradley. He lacks bad that killer instinct. Maybe I'm being too demanding, but he was supposed to take over at least 1 game in this series. He is a great all-around player and all, but the way I see it, he is far from ready to be the main man.

Or maybe I'm just expecting him to be what he is not.
Alex Telles

Rondo also has been missed on defense - we think about his offense - but Rondo is very aggressive and alert in stealing and denying lanes for Isaiah Thomas, Bradley etc. And I think I said this the other day: Rondo has a good case for the Hall of Fame if he can win another championship. He's just as important as someone like Ray Allen - even though Ray has the gaudy shooting numbers. Rondo would have more titles like Allen if Rondo played with Lebron and Wade in his prime.
LongGiang Le

Grant had some moments in regular season but he's clearly not a PG as his ball handling skills are not even that good and looks like a turnover prone. Why was the Bulls management so high on Jerian Grant?
Tom Choi

I felt terrible for both Grant and Carter-Williams. It will be difficult for them to rise. They’ve look totally lost on the court, inefficient. It may be understandable for Jerian Grant who only has two years in the league. But Carter-Williams is in the NBA since 2013, just like Isaiah Canaan. I would give a look at Valentine.
Hamza Cherief

With the 16th pick: Do you select the best available player, the most athletic player left, or a PG?
Mike Sutera

As I read the story about Patrick Beverley's reaction to the $25k fine he got for confronting a heckler in OKC, I found myself agreeing with him.I know, the conventional wisdom is, jocks make all that money, so they should just suck it up and let the fans do whatever they want, as long as it doesn't involve physical violence. But I think that practice enables a particularly vicious kind of coward in our society, people who have the instincts of a bully but aren't big enough to be physically confrontational, and not smart enough to plant viruses in the computers of strangers. The gentleman harassing Beverley sounded a lot like that psychotic ass who used to sit behind the Bulls' bench in Washington during the Jordan years. He hurled insults at them for the entirety of the game, loud and nasty, non-stop. Yes, they learned to shake it off, but that doesn't excuse the man's behavior. In a just society, either security should have removed him or the players should have been free to take action. I'd enjoy hearing your perspective on this.
Kirk Landers

What did you think of the Russ and (reporter Barry) Trammel post game stuff?
Bob Ding

Isaiah Thomas picked up 4th foul in the early third quarter but played pretty much the entire quarter. With him being switched to guard Jimmy and Wade often, why wasn't getting posted up constantly to draw 5th foul?
Jay Choi

Jamal Crawford was the 1st player to play all 82 games for the first time in his 17th season or later. Guy is ageless. Clippers? And what of Paul George? Wants to go to Lakers? Clippers? No way he ends up there unless Lakers end up in top 3. Nothing really there for Bird. If they get a top 3 that pick, Ingram, Deng for George and Jefferson.
Mike Queenswerth