Ask Sam Mailbag: 03.16.18

I know you will want it to go to D'antoni, but if i had a coach of the year vote it would go to Nate McMillian. Lost his best player. Got a guy in Oladipo who had flashes but the past 2 seasons has looked a bit lost and turned him into a star. Just look at that roster, it's awful.

Mike Queensworst

Now with Derrick Rose joining Thibs, Jimmy and Taj in Minnesota is there any possible chance that they can get Luol Deng and Joakim Noah on board as well in time for the playoffs? What can Deng and Noah do to make this possible? Do they need to give up their money to do so or even if they do (not likely) are there other obstacles that stands their way?

Would love to see if Thibs can somehow get his old gang back together for another shot for the title and this time LeBron will not be standing their way.

Tom Choi

It's heartening to see some positive development from Payne but it's still early. Maybe he could be a better second unit point guard than Grant or is this just wishful thinking? Apparently Blakeney can score but is he willing and able to learn defense? I'd much prefer to have a scorer that needs to learn defense than a strong defender that needs to learn to score. In this brief trial period do you think he has promise/potential as a rotation guard? With a good draft, a lot of development and luck the second unit could be a real force.

John Petersen

Call me crazy but I like Noah Vonleh. He's really bulked up since his hornets days. More physical and a better rebounder than Portis.

Bob Ding