Ask Sam Mailbag: 03.15.2019

If I didn't know any better, I would think that the Bulls would prefer not to get the number 1 draft pick. I believe that they feel their biggest need is at point guard and they definitely can't pass on Zion if they had the top selection and draft a point guard. So drafting second and beyond would take the pressure off having to draft a player who don't really address a need. Of course if you have a chance to draft a player like Zion and what he's projected to be you worry about fit and need later. Do you feel that a point guard such as Morant would help the Bulls rebuild more so than trying to fit Zion in especially since they have Otto Porter?

Carl Reynolds

If there was a choice today between the Bulls overall situation including draft position and current roster and the Hawks with their roster and the Dallas pick as well as their own, which team would you choose? No complaints as in two years the Bulls have done well with the Butler trade, Lauri and Carter picks and the Otto trade but to my eyes in this hypothetical, the Hawks are better positioned going forward. It could really be an interesting contest in future years as both teams evolve and ascend.

John Petersen

It seems that after the four overtime game against Atlanta, Laurie has lost some juice. He looks tired and his game is showing it. This is a problem with young players, it takes a while until they get the physical part. This makes the rebuild through the draft more difficult since aligning these kids careers to peak at the same time is not easy. For instance, Zach Lavine is already in his second contract and going towards his best years. But Laurie (not to mention Wendel) is 3 years behind. Even if they get Zion, the Bulls may be two more years from playoff contention.

William Blanco

I don't care what Boylen says. There is something wrong with Lauri. It's not just that he's missing shots. He's not rebounding and doesn't seem to have his usual energy. Flu? Allergies? I wouldn't call Lauri ‘frail' exactly. He just needs to push weights and fill out to NBA proportions. Honestly, most of them look like body-builders these days. For that matter, I think Zach could use some more upper body strength, Carter too, of course, and maybe Otto Porter. It's probably a matter of youth, but the Bulls seem to have a lot of players who could use some time in the weight room.

All it takes is time & a lot of hard work. Bulls fans (and probably lots of other team's fans) need to take a chill pill. The Bulls are very young, and even though the rebuild is going quite well, they'll take some time to mature. Lauri & Wendell are kids, and even Zach has plenty to learn. Otto Porter looks pretty mature, but at 25, still probably hasn't peaked. I suspect Hutchison is a sleeper, who may surprise everyone in about 2 years. The way they played in February probably got all the fans excited. I can see that; Me too! But March has been a reminder that it's all about consistency, not about your best game, or your best month. The way I see it February was a look at how things can be, more than where they're at now. It was a sneak-preview of good things to come.

Art Alenik

The bench without 30 points + per game from Portis and Parker. Next season the 3 spot will include Valentine and the developing Hutchison, not to mention the potential Zion Williamson. The bench lost all its energy, rebounding and much of their scoring without Portis and Parker. You add some defense to the starting, but lose most of your bench scoring for years to come and give up a lot of salary cap to. That is what I do not understand about the trade. Lopez maybe will be gone in the summer, so now the Bulls needs to get a very good big man who can rebound at both ends, but with the money they have to pay Porter, do they have enough to pay for it?

Stian Nordvik

Curry vs Durant. I know Durant is great and a first-ballot HoF. I know he plays both ends of the court. But I've watched the GSW a lot and I've always felt (and believe the record bears it out when he's out) that they'd miss Curry more than Durant. Besides the fact that Curry can still obliterate the other team often, they would miss the way he plays. Without Curry, over the long haul, I think Durant would revert to old iso-ball habits that would diminish that team. In other words, in offering a silly debate: I'd rather have Curry over Durant.

Alejandro Yegros

With Demarcus Cousins becoming a free agent, what kind of salary will he be looking for. And should the Bulls consider trying to acquire him if they have the cap space?

Vince Gerace

Apropos of nothing, if you had to create a starting five of the most underrated but truly great players to ever play, what would it look like? People in today's media still recognize Oscar, Jerry, Russell, Wilt, Kareem, etc... I am talking about the truly great players who never seem to be mentioned much anymore.
Here is mine:

  • PG Lenny Wilkens
  • 2G Rick Barry
  • SF Dr. J
  • PF Elvin Hayes
  • C Moses Malone

David Simon