Ask Sam Mailbag: 03.09.18

Bulls warned for tanking. This is ridiculous. They are playing former lottery pick Vonleh, who they have to evaluate before the summer, Felicio who is on a 4 year deal and Payne coming off injury. Instead of RoLo, a player who is valued not more than a 2nd rounder on the market. Instead of Justin Holiday, on the first multi-year guaranteed of his career at 29. Instead of Grant who is not even a PG but was forced to play there. I am extremely anti-tank and actually pay to watch the Bulls on League Pass and I am not offended at all by what they are doing. There is nothing to play for, so let's see what some kids can do. They were honest. I get what they are doing, and I don't think it's disrespecting fans. The best players are playing, and playing a lot. The team is competing nearly all the time, they never quit. I am more than happy to see the league taking a stand against tanking, but they cannot treat this like what the Sixers were doing. Hinkie was allowed to make 82 games a g-league tryout, and they allowed it for more than three years. Now that awful tactic has gained supporters and they are randomly punishing teams for the slightest percieved tanking. It's a shame. It's not the way to counter it. You have to strongly condemn and take action against those who really do it, not make a mockery of it by issuing warnings and fines all the time. That way you send the message that tanking is widespread and that you get away doing it.

Cosimo Sarti

Hasn't Luol Deng been healthy and inactive for the Lakers all season long? Why didn't the league get involved with them if the Bulls warrant league involvement for sitting Lopez and Holiday? I read there's a rule you can rest one healthy player a game, so maybe that's the loophole, but even so, shouldn't sitting a healthy player all year long when he's able to play be something the league should address if it's not a disciplinary issue?

Chris Feldman

You've seen the Color of Money and the Hustler right? Missing shots on purpose is something athletes have been during for decades.... You were probably an up and coming young journalist when the Boston College point shaving scandal happened in the 70s.....If you are "one of the chosen one" - one of the "made men" .... i.e. Markennan, Dunn, Lavine..... guys that the current management have tied their legacies or tied their credibility to....It's not hard to imagine that a GM may have "private conversations" with his "babies"... players that he is committed to for the long haul and say "OK. Here's what the plan is......."

LongGiang Le

Thibs has got a heart after all. If he picks up Lu or Noah the Wolves will get a bunch of the Bulls faithful on board

Mike Burling

Can you explain how the 2019 lottery will work?

Bob Ding

I really feel bad for Robin Lopez these days as he simply is a victim of circumstance. Having said that, what is up with Robin and Brook that they can't rebound? They each weigh 270 lbs and stand at 7 feet. Robin's averaging 4.7 and Brook 3.7 per game. Even if you combine, they would not make it into top 15. What a shame! Brook just played 35 minutes, scored 27 but had 0 rebounds! How is this humanly possible? They should each be able to average 10+ rebounds per game just standing.

Bambi Choy

Lavine seems to have a difficult time letting the game come to him. He seems to be forcing the action. Wouldn't it be best to keep the ball in Dunn's hands and have Lavine move a little better without the ball? Lavine seems to just set up outside, drive, and force up a shot or pass off. Perhaps the Bulls should be setting up some back screens for him.

William Kochneff

How do the Bulls decide who shoots a technical? I feel like I've seen 7 different players shoot one, and sometimes it looks like it's first guy to want it.

Alejandro Yegros

If the Pistons fail to make the playoffs is Stan relieved of both positions? He built this team, hes coaching them and if you cant make it to the playoffs in the East than clearly ur not doing a good job. Besides Ish and Reggie no one has really developed under him.

Mike Sutera