Ask Sam Mailbag: 02.17.17

With Love out the east is somewhat wide open and who knows if he gets injured again. The time is now for a team like the Celtics. In a superstar league, how could they turn down a trade to get a top player in the league?
Billy Habibi

Do you think it’s any truth to the reports the Bulls could make a trade for Okafor? What Players/Draft Picks from the Bulls do you think it would take to make that happen?
Randall Sanders

Free throws! I love the last play against Boston! If a referee thinks there's a foul, it should be called no matter how much time is left! That's real basketball.
Rex Doty

Ben Gordon is killing it in the d-league. Bulls should sign him as a 3 point threat.
Ryan Carpel

I really don't understand how Valentine made all those 3s in the D League. He's been way more wide open in these last two games (before Tuesday) than he has been playing for WCB, yet he keeps bricking them.
Mike Sutera

Rajon Rondo scored 12 points in win over the Raptors. What’s up with him?
Kieron Smith

Got a tough question for you! Do you prefer Noah's all around game to RoLo's all around game? Noah was my favorite player for a lot of years so it's tough to even ask, but man I love RoLo's game! He's so much better of a scorer than I ever thought, I think he's way better than his brother Brook who always gets the attention. SideShow Bob (my nickname for Robin Lopez) can hit the jumper consistently and his post game is legit. They can definitely get him more involved offensively and here's the best part, he never misses a game!!
Adam Garcia

Mello needs to be challenged and asked does he want to be a great player with no ring.
I believe Chicago is a long shot but it would be his best chance to stop Lebron.
Love is hurt for a little while so nobody is going to touch him this year so Mello can't go to Cleveland.
Bakari Finley

I have a hard time watching NBA games this season, stopped watching ESPN etc etc. I don't watch sports to worship players. I watch so I can see the best in the sport. I was mainly a baseball fan growing up but the NBA slowly gained most of my attention. It's an exciting sport but man, I'm losing interest. I'm tired of the media posting what players are saying on their Twitter account..etc. Political, social issues...there's always something. After reading how players and former players are defending Oakley's behavior the other night, blasting Barkley for his comments, Lebron vs Phil, Curry vs UnderArmour, Wade and Butler vs their teammates, etc etc. I quit lol. Is it April yet?
Victor Devaldivielso

This is ugly with Magic. It’s going to be when it gets time to fire him.
Bob Ding

Keep it quiet but the Kings are playing better ball and may, just may rise above the bottom ten. It would be a beautiful thing!
John Petersen