Ask Sam Mailbag: 02.03.17

After experiencing the Bulls for the last week, I wonder if they aren't caught between two teams. The starters, more in the mold of the grinders and the second team, more of free flowing passers. It seems that the issue is when the transition from starters to second team occurs. Then you have grinders, Butler, Wade, Gibson not utilizing the shooter/passers Rondo, McDermott, Mirotic, Feliciano. So now we are back to roster construction and coaching. If I had a say, I might look at a more complete substitution pattern as an experiment, one “team” for the other. Good thing no one asked me.
Does this make sense? The roster/coaching eddy seems with us for the remainder of the year.
Greg Young

I see no issue in what Barkley said. He’s paid to give his opinion just like (other media).
Bob Ding

Does anyone recall when Jimmy Butler was a country music listening outlaw? Now it seems the brand managers have gotten a hold of him. I blame this on his friendship with Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg, which started around 2015. Outlaw Jimmy Butler was so much more interesting. Remember when he stared down Nene in the playoffs and Nene head-butted him? Jimmy gave him this look like he would shoot him if there weren't so many witnesses. I miss the outlaw Jimmy Butler.
Chris Ragalie

Being 6 ft 6, Denzel could really use his size to become a better defender - add that to his offense and he can be an ascending player in the NBA.
Hard and unfair for any player to compare themselves to Jordan usually - but Ron Harper was about 6 ft 6 - and he played tough defense. Didn't get credit like MJ, but Denzel would probably do well to be as good as Harper was on D, and to study those game films of 1995 to 1998...What do you think?
LongGiang Le

There's a rumor by Fansided that states the Bulls are willing to trade Dwyane Wade, based on his last comments about how the team's been playing. Now I know himself/Jimmy said some nasty things about the team, and Rondo said some things back to defend the other players, but after Sunday's game where they beat the Sixers, Wade was said to think of Rondo as a excellent player, so would the Bulls still want to trade him?
Kieron Smith

I see this tumultuous season is giving you plenty to write about. I have looked at this team and despite its problems see some upside to the future. We expect that the Rondo situation will work itself out in a year, and Wade may only be here for one season as well. I want to keep Jimmy and build around him, and this brings me to what I see is the Bulls biggest weakness and that is post scoring. Everyone is focusing in on the 3 pt. shooting, but unless you have a post presence the 3 pt. shooting will not improve. Now for my trade proposal, how about trying to swap to the Sixers in exchange for Okafor who Philly obviously does not need.
Craig Chandler

Please tell me Kirk Hinrich coming back!? Call him, text him, email. He was/is one of my all time favorite Bulls. We need him.
Matthew Mikulice

Amazing Bulls finished in 9th place last year. They are in 7th place now and the world is going nuts negatively and players are turning on each other. Everyone needs just calm down! They have a decent team and might be a threat early in playoffs if they play inspired ball. One vet pickup and they could knock off some big team in the playoffs. I'd focus on Lance Stephenson since he gets in Lebron's head.
Ryan Carpel

How about this one...Wilson Chandler for Niko, MCW, 2nd round draft choice, cash.
Chandler wants out of Denver. He is a player I've always liked. Tough. Can play multiple positions. Can replace Taj next year in the hope we don't resign him. A vet but still 29. Can hit a 3. Meanwhile the nuggets stock up on young players and lose a 12 mil a year player.
Andrew Brown

What's your take on Jerian Grant so far? Not enough time to assess him yet? I just don't see anything special from him that makes me think he's your point guard/shooting guard of the future. Is there any part of his game that excites you much? Since I still am a D-Rose fan I guess it makes it difficult to impress me, but I was just hoping for something to see from him. I think I saw more potential in Portis, Valentine or Zipser than Grant to not just be another Marquis Teague.
Jon Kueper

Did you hear the story from Ryan Russillo of ESPN about management and Jimmy? True?
Mike Sutera

Are Bulls involved in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes?
Mike Kay

As Mark Cuban becomes ever more irrelevant, whether it's in the media or the Mavericks, has anyone thought to ask whether he could either sell the team, or since his ego needs a team, maybe demote himself and let someone who knows what they're doing run the organization? Given several stories that he overrules and makes all kinds of silly decisions, which is why the team is as bad as they've been for quite a few years - including this year, do you think it's time for the NBA to start fining him more significantly for his constant carping and whining about refereeing conspiracy theories he claims? Maybe some draft pick fines? The officiating isn't the reason why his organization has been so poorly run. It's amazing that he would want to continue to one a team in the league where he thinks there's a "conspiracy" among officials to hurt him.
Matt Adler

If the Bulls are able to acquire Carmelo this season, and then next season somehow get Chris Paul without trading Wade or Carmelo, Lebron James might be interested in playing for the Bulls. James once said, before the end of his career he would love to play with his three brothers; Wade, Carmelo, and Paul. I know the possibility on this happening is a low, however how the feel about the plan?
Lewis Dokie